The City of Pine Lake Welcomes You! Invaluable information for the newcomer

The City of Pine Lake Welcomes You

First things to do:

  • Get a Post Office box (free, because home mail delivery is not available in this small city) and give this address or another billable address to the City Clerk.
  • Register your car in Pine Lake (with DeKalb County Dept. of Motor Vehicles), and change your voter registration (forms available at City Hall).
  • Make sure your house numbers are posted in a conspicuous place visible from the street: at least 3” high, in a contrasting color. This will make it easy to identify your house in case of and emergency.

Trash and yard waste

  • A company called Allied Waste Services (404-693-9200) picks up household trash and materials for recycling (see your information packet for details on what can be recycled).
  • Pick up is early on Thursday mornings, and all trash/garbage must be bagged and in a garbage can with a lid. Do not put yard waste or building materials in these cans or they will not pick it up. You can put your cans out on Monday evening; please store them again, out of sight of the street, by Wednesday at noon. City Hall can supply recycling bins if you need one.
  • The City picks up yard waste free of charge. Limbs will be chipped (free mulch is available; ask at City Hall). Other material (leaves, grass, yard clippings) must be bagged in paper yard waste bags. Storm water rules prevent us from leaving such material loose in the gutters. Pick up is on Monday and Tuesday; you are encouraged to call City Hall to alert them to your need for a pick up.
  • The City will pick up furniture, appliances, and building materials for a charge to cover transportation and dump fees; usually these are $15 – $50. Paint cans will be picked up if the paint has dried up or if the cans have been filled with sand to absorb the paint. Pick up is on Monday and Tuesday; you are encouraged to call City Hall to alert them to your need for a pick up.

Fees and taxes:

  • Annual fees and taxes are billed by and paid through DeKalb County. Currently, you will pay a $225 sanitation fee, $60 storm water fee, and $75 plot fee (public property upkeep). Although, these are called “taxes” on the bill, neither is deductible on your
    income tax return.

Parks and recreation:

  • Park hours are from dawn to dusk.
  • Swimming is allowed at your own risk in designated areas from Memorial Day until the first weekend in October (that is, when the water is tested for bacterial levels).
  • Swimming hours are from 6 a.m. to sunset
  • If the “no swimming” sign is up, bacteria levels in the lake are unsafe; do not swim.
  • Please keep pets on leashes at all times. Pets are not allowed in the lake. Please clean up after your pet to keep the parks safe and healthy for other users. The police do enforce these rules all over the city, not just in the parks.
  • Please don’t feed the geese and ducks! Bread is bad for them; they have plenty of grass available, and they shouldn’t be encouraged to depend on humans for food.
  • Fishing is allowed in the lake if you have a Georgia fishing license. Please do not leave fishing cord and hooks around – they can injure children and animals.
  • Non-motorized boating is allowed.
  • The City’s public buildings (Beach House, Gazebo, Clubhouse, and Courthouse) are available for rental. Call City Hall for more information (404-292-4250).

Building permits :

  • A permit is required for many situations, including additions or new construction equaling 100 square feet or more, facade changes/removals equalling 25% or more, and additions of impervious surfaces like patios, walkways, driveways, decks, and garden pavilions. These are only a few examples. Please check with City Hall and the City Code of Ordinances before beginning any remodeling, construction, electrical, structural, plumbing, or hardscaping projects.
  • Building fences and tree removal also require permits please consult with City Hall.
  • All forms and permits are available at City Hall. Also check to see whether any of your plans would require a variance.


  • Always call 911 if you want assistance from a police officer.
  • For non emergency calls, you may phone 404-292-4250 and at the greeting menu dial 6 to leave a message for the on-duty officer.
  • Pine Lake police are on duty 24/7.
  • As a service to landlords and business owners, the police can perform fingerprint checks and criminal background checks for a modest fee.

City government:

  • Those registered to vote in the City elect a mayor and 5 city council members on a staggered schedule. City Council meets on the second Monday and last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM in the Courthouse. There are also quarterly Town Hall meetings for
    more extended discussions between residents and elected officials.


  • City Council is a policy body that makes the laws (ordinances) of the City,
  • The Mayor executes the laws passed by the Council (i.e., the Mayor is equivalent to the President and Council to Congress).
  • Two departments report directly to the mayor:
    • Administration, headed by the Director of Administration and including the City Clerk and Public Works,
    • The Police Department, headed by a Chief of Police.
  • The best ways to know what is going on are:
    • Come to Council meetings and Town Hall meetings and ask questions!
    • Read “Notes from City Hal,” published in every issue of PLAINTalk (the newsletter of the neighborhood association). PLAINTalk is available on line at and paper copies are available at the Beach House and other locations.
    • Several City officials are usually at each Pancake Breakfast on the first Saturday of every month. We try to introduce ourselves to newcomers there.
  • We always need volunteers for committees – there are standing committees and there are sometimes short-term committees for special tasks. Contact the Mayor or a Council Member.Elected Officials:

    Kathie de Nobriga, Mayor

    City Staff 404-292-4250
    Police Chief Sarai Y’hudah-Green
    Administration Director Valerie Caldwell


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