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  • AND all you need to know about the city’s new fireworks policy
  • A word from the Mayor on our unique Pine Lake habitat
  • Elise Witt wins the MapMakers Grant for 2018!
  • Second Saturday market
  • Lakefest
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4th of July Picnic at the Lake

Everyone is earnestly and energetically  invited this Wednesday, 12 noon,  to our annual 4th of July picnic at the Lake/Beach House.  Please bring a side dish and drinks. Burgers, dogs,(vegetarian options available) and water  will be provided.  We could use your help setting up and breaking down. Please show up at the Beach House at 10:45 to help setup.
Thanks to Tom Ramsey and Greg Creech for getting this party started. And Gracias! in advance to Chefs Chris Clark and Phil Howland for their grooviness, gregariousness, and grilling greatness.

Need to refresh you Independence Day knowledge? Click Here!

Letter from John Adams to his daughter Abigail.

My dear Daughter

Philadelphia, July 5th, 1777
Yesterday, being the anniversary of American Independence, was celebrated here with a festivity and ceremony becoming the occasion.
I am too old to delight in pretty descriptions, if I had a talent for them, otherwise a picture might be drawn, which would please the fancy of a Whig, at least.
The thought of taking any notice of this day, was not conceived, until the second of this month, and it was not mentioned until the third. It was too late to have a sermon, as every one wished, so this must be deferred another year.
Congress determined to adjourn over that day, and to dine together. The general officers and others in town were invited, after the President and Council, and Board of War of this State

In the morning the Delaware frigate, several large gallies, and other continental armed vessels, the Pennsylvania ship and row gallies and guard boats, were all hawled off in the river, and several of them beautifully dressed in the colours of all nations, displayed about upon the masts, yards, and rigging.
At one o’clock the ships were all manned, that is, the men were all ordered aloft, and arranged upon the tops, yards, and shrowds, making a striking appearance-of companies of men drawn up in order, in the air.
Then I went on board the Delaware, with the President and several gentlemen of the Marine Committee, soon after which we were saluted with a discharge of thirteen guns, which was followed by thirteen others, from each other armed vessel in the river; then the gallies followed the fire, and after them the guard boats. Then the President and company returned in the barge to the shore, and were saluted with three cheers, from every ship, galley, and boat in the river. The wharves and shores, were lined with a vast concourse of people, all shouting and huzzaing, in a manner which gave great joy to every friend to this country, and the utmost terror and dismay to every lurking tory.
At three we went to dinner, and were very agreeably entertained with excellent company, good cheer, fine music from the band of Hessians taken at Trenton, and continual vollies between every toast, from a company of soldiers drawn up in Second-street before the city tavern, where we dined. The toasts were in honour of our country, and the heroes who have fallen in their pious efforts to defend her. After this, two troops of light-horse, raised in Maryland, accidentally here in their way to camp, were paraded through Second-street, after them a train of artillery, and then about a thousand infantry, now in this city on their march to camp, from North Carolina. All these marched into the common, where they went through their firings and manoeuvres; but I did not follow them. In the evening, I was walking about the streets for a little fresh air and exercise, and was surprised to find the whole city lighting up their candles at the windows. I walked most of the evening, and I think it was the most splendid illumination I ever saw; a few surly houses were dark; but the lights were very universal. Considering the lateness of the design and the suddenness of the execution, I was amazed at the universal joy and alacrity that was discovered, and at the brilliancy and splendour of every part of this joyful exhibition. I had forgot the ringing of bells all day and evening, and the bonfires in the streets, and the fireworks played off.
Had General Howe been here in disguise, or his master, this show would have given them the heart-ache.

I am your affectionate father,
John Adams
JULY 5, 1777


PLAIN will be holding its monthly meeting Thursday, June 21, 7-8pm at the Beach House and we hope to see you there. Lots of good stuff on the agenda. Click here to see the agenda.


Keep Pine Lake Beautiful – Join the Litterati

Tom Ramsey (thanks for this great idea Tom!) has set up a club for participating members within the Litterati app (free download for IOS and Android phones) that will label and geotag the trash that gets picked up so we can identify types and location of heaviest dumping. This could help us or the city to place containers or signage in the right locations. This goes along with the idea of Plogging- a combination of jogging with picking up litter (from Sweden), picking up trash as a service project. (This should happen up at Rockbridge too, yes?)  Help us keep Pine Lake looking beautiful. Watch the video, download the app, join the PLAIN Litterati club. Let’s see what we can do. Questions? Contact Tom – or Calvin –

June Breakfast and Membership Drive

P.L.A.I.N. extends a very cordial invitation to you and yours for our monthly pancake breakfast this Saturday, at the Beach House,  June 2, 2018, 8:30am-10:30am. The June breakfast is part of our annual membership drive. Come enjoy a delicious breakfast, including, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, a special french toast surprise, and as if that weren’t enough — our breakfast coordinator, Mike Seymour, is creating yet another SPECIAL DISH!
​If you join or renew your P.L.A.I.N. membership this Saturday breakfast is free! Also P.L.A.I.N. is asking for  your help. We will be doing several community oriented services over the next year including but not limited to: beach chairs, adopt-a-planter, neighbor in need/sharing and caring, trash pickup, backpack donations to a local school, food and clothing donations and we need your assistance.

We hope to see you there this Saturday. Come and share with us your ideas for making our community and the surrounding area a better place to live.
Join or renew P.L.A.I.N by clicking here.
Donate by clicking here.

Thanks so much for your support,
Calvin Burgamy, President, P.L.A.I.N.​

City/PLAIN Memorial Day Celebration

click on photo for details

Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day 2018








at the court house/park/beach house
11:30 am meet at the courthouse to dedicate artwork donated by mike tarnower
Cookout begins at noon
Monday may 28, 2018
11:30am TIL 2pm
Bring a side dish, CHIPS, ETC & BYOB
Festivities sponsored by the city of Pine lake and p.l.a.i.n.



Hi Folks,

PLAIN will be holding it’s monthly meeting tonight, May 17, 2018, 7pm, at the Beach House. You are cordially invited. We need your input. Thanks also for your support. You can continue to support PLAIN by joining or renewing by clicking here. You can donate by clicking here.


  • Approval of March 2018 Minutes
  • Treasurer report
  • Member update/membership drive breakfast/june
  • LakeFest would like PLAIN’s assist this fall
  • shift from event focus to service  click here for more info about this item

PLAINTalk & Membership Celebration!


 Click Here for the new May/June PLAINTalk!  Also see past editions!

FREE! PLAIN Membership Celebration Breakfast—June 2
Our June 2 community breakfast celebrates PLAIN Membership with a free breakfast for anyone joining or renewing their membership between now and at the breakfast. Don’t wait! Join or renew now, you may pay for your membership at via PayPal or with debit/credit card, cash or a check at the breakfast and enjoy a complimentary breakfast on June 2 . We’ll have drawings for prizes and spontaneous celebrations. Your investment in PLAIN is an investment in our village. PLAIN supports our city in many ways and offers fantastic family events throughout the year. Membership is only $30 for a family household and $20 for a single person household.

PLAIN Pancake Breakfast

You are cordially invited to the May PLAIN breakfast this Saturday, May 5th, 8:30-10:30am at the Beach House. Mike Seymour has been cooking up a special dish the last couple of months so you don’t want to miss this month’s mystery dish! We hope to see you there.
All the best and  thank you for being a PLAIN member either now or in the past!
Calvin Burgamy, President

PLAIN Meeting April 19

Hi Everyone,

You are cordially invited to come and participate in our monthly PLAIN meeting, Thursday, April 19th, 7pm, at the Beach House.

Here is a link to the agenda: PlAiN Agneda

We look forward to seeing you there
The folks at PLAIN