Neighborhood Watch Welcome Letter

April 13, 2010

Welcome to Pine Lake!

After you settle in and get acquainted with your new home and surroundings, we hope you will be involved in the neighborhood watch team. The Pine Lake Neighborhood Watch is neighbors watching out for each other for the common good. We will meet quarterly to bring you up to date on what has been happening in our city.

We have neighbors who volunteered to be street captains as well as neighbors who volunteered to operate the phone tree. When something happens which the community needs to be informed of right away, we will send an e-mail to those on the e-mail list. The
Captains will then phone the phone tree persons and they in turn will phone all the people on their list. We want to make sure all of Pine Lake is aware of criminal activity in our city.

If you see anything or anyone out of the ordinary, or that you feel just isn’t right, first phone 911. Then phone your street captain and we will see to it that our neighbors are informed. We, the citizens of Pine Lake, need to watch out for each other. Pine Lake is a
safe city and we would like it to stay that way.

Also, please visit our Web site at:
This will have a lot of information for you and you may download the House Watch Form, the Neighborhood Watch Information Form, and street captain list. We post the incidents and the Chief’s weekend report on this site, too.

We have provided the Neighborhood Watch sticker for use on your window or door in your new home. Thanks for being here. Best wishes.

Take care and see you at the Lake.

Greg Creech 404-299-1706 Faye Ridling 404-294-6577