Augusta Woods

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My service to the city of Pine Lake as an active city council member began on  August 8th,  2016. I am semi-retired, working part-time as an independent contractor for Glacier Industries. In Michigan, I also co-owned my own Image Consulting Business and have 10 years of experience in retail management. We moved from Michigan to Atlanta over 20 years ago and happened across the little city of Pine Lake and fell in love with this area which has been our home since 2012.

I was approached to serve on the 2015 Comprehensive Planning Steering Committee which helped develop a plan which Pine Lake could look like in the future. Seeing what Pine Lake was like and what it could be is what moved me to want to continue to serve my neighbors here in our city.

I was re-elected to a four-year term in Jan. 2016. Since then, I have served 2 years on ROKS (Rockbridge Opportunity Kickstarter) working towards economic development and growth for the creation of a cohesive city and business district. For four years I also helped organize the Makers Market and Food Truck Saturdays so our local artists could sell their wonderful art in an open market to neighbors both in the city and surrounding area. The Makers Market also generated hundreds of dollars in funds for MAPS. I also feel very protective of Pine Lake so I and others have led the charge against  Green Haven, having attended many Anti-Green Haven Meetings at the local and state levels.

Being on the city council also allowed me to serve in many other areas such as the Kids Town Hall. I was on the team that redesigned and implemented our website, logo, and motto, helping to create a stronger brand of the city.

Another area I enjoy is working with the Fish and Game Department, the EPA, and the Department of Natural Resources. When an algae outbreak caused concerns about our lake, I scheduled an inspection that ensured the city and our water and wildlife were safe. Another function I have been part of is working with the city engineer on the dam repair. Caring for our trails and green spaces, I registered the city with Work Source Georgia through Dekalb County for a subsidized work-based learning program.

          Serving on the council during a time when the country became so divided, I thought it important to be active in joining the team to organize “One City One Voice” a three-part series on racial equality, inclusiveness, and diversity presented as a Town Hall narrated by Mr. Ed Lee.

          I want to continue serving on city council so I am asking to be reelected for another term. Having gained experience in government, I would like the chance to serve another 4 years in the leadership position on the Pine Lake City Council.