Jean Bordeaux

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Jean Bordeaux

I moved to Pine Lake from Decatur in 2010 with my partner, Gayle. We had both recently retired and were looking for a friendly community where we could enjoy all that “free time”.  Prior to retirement, I worked for more than thirty years in various financial positions, including Controller, Financial Analyst, and Audit Manager for a large manufacturer and then for a mid-sized software company.

While renovating our house, in 2011 we ran into several unclear and seemingly contradictory statements in the zoning code.  In order to try to understand some of these inconsistencies,  I volunteered to serve on the Architectural Review Board (ARB) from 2011 – 2015 (when the board was eliminated).  During that time, I learned a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of our codes.  In 2015 I decided to run for Council because  I wanted to improve and clarify our zoning code as well as many other policies and procedure documents that were either unclear, difficult to find, or non-existent.

I have now served for six years on Council.   During that time, I worked on re-writes of both the Residential and Commercial sections of the Zoning Code and pushed to have all ordinances published on Muni-code, which allows for easy reference to the codes for any interested party.  I led a team to totally re-design and implement our website, logo, and motto, reinforcing the brand of the city and adding significant content areas, such as the History page and Artist’s Directory.  We also implemented additional features such as fillable forms for permits, with online payment options.  Early in the Pandemic, I collected information to populate the new “Pine Lake Directory” to facilitate quicker and more direct distribution of information.  Currently, I produce the “Pine Lake News Brief” after each Council meeting, sending it to over 300 directory emails.  I have also drawn from my financial and analytical experience to create and study various annexation scenarios and create an Annexation Map.  In 2020 I produced a detailed report on “Public Safety and Judicial Practices” in Pine Lake.

In the past six years the Council, in partnership with residents and business owners, has worked diligently to move toward the vision of “Arts’ Natural Habitat”.  In addition, we have made significant progress in becoming a more sustainable city.  I have truly enjoyed the engagement and challenges that are inherent in serving on City Council and with six years of experience, I have even more to offer to the city in the coming years.   It is for that reason that I am asking you to re-elect me for another term as a member of the  Pine Lake City Council.