Matthew Collins

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Matthew and his spouse Sarah moved into a house on Spring Drive in the spring of 2012.  He has valued the opportunity to live in this city and be surrounded by wonderful and kind neighbors.  

Matthew’s social/political values are representation, autonomy (balanced with healthy connectivity to neighbors and neighborhood), freedom of choice, and justice.  He also believes that governance is essential and that systems of governance naturally lean toward inefficiency.  He’s a Libertarian that leans hard-left on social matters and slight-right on economic matters.

For his job, Matthew directs community living support services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  For his hobbies, Matthew enjoys plants, quilting, and constantly learning new things.  His studies have included Communication, Gerontology, and Theology.  A very long time ago, he was a vehicle mechanic in the Air Force Reserves.

Matthew believes that Pine Lake is governed well and responsibly and that the city will thrive under the care of any of the candidates.  He is interested in running for city council only because he would like to see more of a right-lean on taxation and finances.