Mayor Greg Zarus Welcome Letter

Dear New Neighbor,

Welcome to Pine Lake where your neighbors become your best friends.

It’s a special kind of person who moves to Pine Lake. It’s the kind of person who wants to live at camp forever. And it’s the kind of person to who wants to volunteer with their neighbors to make things better for everyone.

That’s the kind of neighbors who founded Pine Lake; the kind of neighbors who built infrastructure throughout Central DeKalb; and the kind of neighbors that help people worldwide. About 10% of our neighbors are directly involved with city functions and several others are regularly involved with humanity programs.

Many of our neighbors are artists, environmentalists, and humanists. So many of the community events include performances or exhibits from our neighbors; cleanups or plantings within our parks; and barn building or house repairs after a storm.

It’s not a matter of counting on your participation to get by, but rather that your participation will come and take us somewhere new.

Being a student of government, it has been my pleasure to see the new world democracy as it was conceived –an organized system where volunteers do good for themselves by doing good for others and a government that is truly of the people.

This packet is a great example of one of the products that our volunteers produce. It lists several products and services provided by
our government and non-government organizations. PLAIN’s first Saturday Breakfast and PLCA’s First Friday Concert are examples of
my favorite two non-governmental services.

Briefly peruse the packet now to see some of the services that interest you. Then keep the packet as a reference should something strike you as a new idea. Chances are that others have similar ideas and their contact information and highlights are listed in the packet.

It has been my pleasure to serve this community. I have learned a lot from my neighbors and with the help of many of them I have been able to accomplish many things. I expect that you will soon feel the same.

I look forward to seeing you in the Park, at Take 2, and at the Post Office.

Yours truly,

Greg Zarus, Mayor