Minutes from 3 April 2008

PLAIN Monthly Meeting
April 3, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:38 p.m. by Gwyneth Butera.

Attendees: Gwyneth Butera, president; Nicky Rosenbluth, immediate past president; Candy Howland, vice president; Linda Orgain, secretary; Kathy deNobriga, Faye Ridling, and Elizabeth Shields.

The minutes for the March 6, 2008, meeting were submitted, reviewed, corrections made, and were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report. Mary submitted the treasurer’s report for February and March. It was brought up that we needed a financial policy for when PLAIN agrees to hold money for a PL group. Kathy deN said that she would draft the policy and provide it to the group for review.

Old Business:

Non-Profit (501c3) Status. It was reported that Mary is completing the final paperwork on this. PLAIN is registered with the Secretary of State, State of Georgia.

E-mail Announcement List. Gwyneth reported that this is going well. There are currently 150 subscribers.

PLAIN Talk. There was a question about whether the printer had been paid for the past 2 months. It was noted that for payment to occur, the invoice needs to be given to Mary S. The procedure has been that the City of PL pays the invoice and then gets reimbursed by PLAIN for this payment. The City reported that the payments to Mark Resources had been made and a request sent to PLAIN two weeks ago to reimburse the city. Pat Holcomb at Mark Resources will provide another copy of the invoices in question, and Candy H. will follow-up with the city. The April newsletter had not been delivered, and Gwyneth needs the pdf of the newsletter to post it to the PLAIN Web site. The goal is to post the newsletter by the first of each month.

Easter Egg Hunt. Gwyneth reported that there was a lot of participation in this event, which was held Saturday morning, March 22. Volunteers came to the Beach House early to hide hundreds of eggs and hand out the prizes. It was reported that more children from the apartment complexes in PL participated.

New Business:

Pine Lake Yard Sale. Nicki reported that thus far only 1 application had been received. There is a $5 fee for participating in the yard sale to defray the cost of advertising this event. Time is Saturday, April 12 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Kathy emphasized the importance of getting the signs up. Nicki said that there had been suggestions that either we have the Yard Sale at the lake and/or put up balloons at individuals’ homes who were participating. Gwyneth will be responsible for sending out e-mail reminders and putting up the signs. She also will pick up balloons for individuals homes and make them available at the Beach House. Nicki is responsible for putting the ad in the AJC, and perhaps also Creative Loafing, Craig’s List, etc.

Memorial Day Event. The Memorial Day Events will be held on Saturday, May 24. The city sponsors the annual parade and the cook-out from noon to 2 p.m. (City Council members are the cooks.) There is a prize for the best decorated bike. Afterwards, PLAIN sponsors the ice cream social. Kathy deN will check with Greg Zarus about the parade arrangements. She is also looking for afternoon entertainment. Nicki suggested the Do Wop Boys or Chicks with Sticks. Mike Stuckey used to DJ events. A movie on the Beach for that evening also was suggested. Kathy also will write an article for the May issue of PLAIN Talk about these Memorial Day activities.

Volunteer Fair. Kathy suggested a booth at the Memorial Day celebration to recruit FL organization volunteers. She said that we need information from the various PL organizations about what types of volunteer help are needed. Flyers will be sent out to inform PL residents and hopefully to get new volunteers. Fay R. mentioned that there is a need in Neighborhood Watch for some new block captains. Also mentioned was a need for a grantwriter to develop grants to refurbish some city facilities. Nicki suggested having a Service Day where high school students could provide assistance, e.g., for seniors, who can’t afford to hire help (“Make a Difference Day.”) Nicki also suggested creating a master application form that lists all of the committees/organizations and their respective needs.

PL Pet Clinic. The next Pet Clinic will be Sunday, April 20 at the Club House, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. This is a well pet clinic that includes annual vaccinations. Kathy DeN said that she would add this to the city calendar.

Tool Shed. This is a virtual tool shed where people could sign up to have equipment available.

Financial Policy. Gwyneth said that she needs to know how to handle funds in the PLAIN bank accounts, for instance, who are checks to be made out to, when specific funds become defunct. Kathy deN said that she would draft a financial policy for consideration. Faye said to make sure it includes adequate notification before drawing out funds.

Nominations for PLAIN Leadership and Annual Meeting. Nominations for PLAIN board members will be on the agenda of the May meeting. Nomination forms should be given out at the May breakfast. Gwyneth needs the nomination forms. Nicki will look for what she previously created. Annual meeting is normally held in June; the officers terms then begin in June and they serve for 1 year.

Summer Theatre Camp. Kathy deN said that she and Ella Johannaber are going to offer a PL Theatre Camp the last 2 weeks in June. They are currently hiring youth age 14-18 yrs to be counselors and junior counselors. They will sponsor First Aid training for the camp staff on Saturday, May 10. It will be open to anyone who works with the public.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.