Minutes from 5 Dec 2007

Plain Monthly Meeting
December 5, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Nicky Rosenbluth.

Attendees: Nicky Rosenbluth, President; Linda Orgain, Secretary; Gwyneth Butera, Greg Creech, Sharon Day, Pam Heiges, and Fay Ridling.

Minutes were submitted, reviewed, corrections made, and were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Nicky gave the report because Mary Stuckey was not present. She reported that PLAIN had purchased 7 home-delivered meals from Home Bistro for Ann McCallister. The cost of this was $90.69. These were purchased to support Ann, who is battling cancer. She also spent approximately $200 for the arts and crafts supplies, prizes, and treat bags for the Halloween Party, which was a big success. The October Treasury Report was provided; PLAIN now has $1669.32 in the bank.

New Business:

Municipaloosa. Sharon Day told the group that she, Kath deNobriega, and Melanie Hammett, are planning a Fall event. This event, tentatively called “Municipaloosa,” will be a 3-day gathering focusing on how to combine civic engagement and the arts in small cities/towns. They are hoping to attract teams of people from 20 small cities across the country with a balance of rural and metropolitan areas. The meeting will engage these peers in sharing skills and resources, collaborative problem solving, etc. Planning for the event will involve gathering sponsorships and seeking grant monies. However, they do not have a place to hold these contributions because they are not an official organization. Therefore, they are asking PLAIN to hold the funds in a special account designated for this purpose. Although they do not have a specific date for this event, they are tentatively planning to hold it in October 2008.

Linda Orgain made a motion that PLAIN bank account house the Municipaloosa fund. Greg Creech seconded the motion, and it passed.

Local Revitalization Efforts. Nicky said that would like to see PLAIN get more involved in the neighborhood revitalization activities in the Stone Mountain area. She noted the recent activities of PRISM (Pride Rings in Stone Mountain). This group looks to us as an effective organization with the capacity to make things happen. Their neighborhood association fees are about $200. She noted that it is interesting to hear what they are doing to combat crime, such as cleaning up Oak Park. Nicky feels that we should be more engaged with them. They have invited us to several events. She said that in 2008, we should extend an invitation to them to attend an event in Pine Lake.

Watershed-Lake Fund. Tommy Conlon [note- check spelling] has sent some money to PLAIN for the Watershed/Save the Lake Fund. This money has been sitting in the account for a long period of time, and we now have received more money. Nicky said that we need to clarify how PLAIN is supposed to use this money.

Old Business:

Neighborhood Watch. Greg Creech noted that he had received an e-mail today from Police Chief Y’hudah Greene that RCB Motors on Rockbridge had a car stolen.

Pine Lake Calendar of Events for 2008. Greg brought a sample of one as an Outlook file. He will try to make a version that can be shared with the PLAIN officers. Some dates are still in the process of being finalized.

PLAIN-Sponsored Events. It was noted that the most recent PLAIN events held for the beginning of the Christmas season had been very successful. It was decided that it was easier to schedule both the Christmas Breakfast with Santa and the annual Lighting of the Lake on the same day, even though it was a long day for our PLAIN volunteers. There was a great turnout for both of these events, which were held on Saturday, December 1. We are also receiving more hits on our PLAIN Web site. There was a brief discussion about how there now are many groups in Pine Lake, and that it would be good if representatives of some of these other groups could attend PLAIN meetings so there could be some additional coordination of community activities. She suggested that at least once a quarter the PLAIN meeting include a social event, such as pizza night. She said that PLAIN meetings could serve as a forum for bringing people from these different committees together. Sharon Day said that this social event could be held in conjunction with Pine Lake’s quarterly leadership meeting.

Santa Suit. Mary S. said that the city will pay $70 for the new Santa suit and PLAIN will pay the rest. The new suit cost a little less than $200.

Budget. Nicky stated that PLAIN is now fiscally sound. In addition, our volunteers know what they are supposed to do.

PLAIN 2008 Calendar. Nicky said that has not yet presented the calendar of 2008 PLAIN events to the city. She said that we should include it in the next PLAIN Talk.

PLAIN President Nomination. Nicky introduced Gwyneth Butera, who has been nominated for PLAIN president. She said that Gwyneth has jumped into PLAIN, serving as a volunteer at every event. Gwyneth said that her family had moved to Pine Lake because of our high level of community involvement. She has been tracking every month’s activities and taking photographs. She complimented Gwyneth as having a fresh mind and fresh perspective. Nicky said that she is willing to help Gwyneth in her transition as the new president.

Gwyneth then introduced herself. She said that she moved to Pine Lake in June, and since that time has made a point to walking around every day to get to know people. She works from home and her two daughters are home schooled. She said that, should she be voted president, she would like to see more of a support system for parents and other people in Pine Lake. For instance, she would like to make sure that if someone is home with sick children and needs someone to pick up something from the store, this should not be a challenge in this community. However, at this point, she does not know the history of projects in this community. She said that she does not view herself as wanting to take over PLAIN leadership, but as someone who wants to help.

Mary Stuckey says that she has lived in Pine Lake since 1985. Faye Ridling said that she has been a resident since 1978 and knows what PLAIN has done in the past, e.g., who has worked on what. She said that she can provide that history for Gwyneth.

Nicky noted that PLAIN has helped a lot of people, but that we do not usually publicize this part of the organization’s work.

Mary made a motion that we elect Gwyneth Butera as the PLAIN president. Faye seconded the motion. Gwyneth was elected unanimously.

Non-Profit Status. Nicky said that PLAIN’s 501c3 status is in jeopardy at the moment. The IRS has been mailing official business to the Clubhouse, even though they have a PO box address. Cre picked up the mail, and we now are working to provide them with the documentation and get this settled by the end of the year. Nicky had been consistently in touch with them and completing the required paperwork.

Annual Activity to Honor PLAIN Volunteers. Last year, we presented regular volunteers with t-shirts. This year, Nicky suggested that we take the breakfast crew out —perhaps for dinner to Sangrias (Mexican food). She said the invitation would go to the PLAIN board members, breakfast cooks, and consistent volunteers. A date has not yet been determined. [NICKY — Can’t remember what you meant here — $$ will split with PLAIN and the Rosenbluth.] She said that it was important to show our appreciation to people who consistently give their time to make PLAIN events a success.

ARB Meeting. Sharon Day, who chairs the Pine Lake Architectural Review Board, invited PLAIN members to a meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 11, from 7-9 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to rewrite the city’s comprehensive land use plan and create some new codes. Refreshments will be provided. She noted that it is important that everyone has a chance to attend and provide opinion on the shape of the city. This will inform a long-term plan comprehensive land use plan.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.