Icy condition of Pine Lake streets

Please pass this email on to everyone that might not be on this list. The best thing for everyone to do this weekend is stay home. All of our streets have icy spots on them. Spring Street is still impassable and no amount of sand will change that. The public works department has put sand on Magnolia and Spruce. Please use Magnolia to leave the City and Spruce to come back in. For several different reasons, we don’t want to use salt. It’s expensive, hard to get, ruins vehicles and can do damage to the environment.

We are continuing to put sand on Lakeshore, Pine, and Clubhouse. This doesn’t mean they will be passable. We will be closing Spring for the weekend and maybe a couple of other streets. Please respect and observe the barricades. If you go down a street that is closed you can be ticketed and you may cause an accident that will hurt you or someone else. We will get these streets reopened as soon as possible. Please be patience, thoughtful and extremely careful.

A lot of icy spots will thaw today and refreeze tonight. Look out for “black ice”. Please do not think a street is safe just because we put sand on the icy spots. Go slow. Please get your cars off the street if you can. This will prevent damage to your vehicle if someone else loses control and will facilitate the deicing of the roads.

Please stay off the frozen lake. It’s not as solid as it looks. It would be tragic for a child to fall through the ice and drown.

Last night, about 11 p.m., I saw a coyote on the berm behind my house. Keep your pets inside.

Best Wishes and have a great weekend,

Phil “The Pill” Howland/administrator/City of Pine Lake

p.s. Look in on your elderly neighbors