Weather Warning

If you haven’t seen the weather reports, there is a 70% chance of snow and frozen precipitation tomorrow. If you wake tomorrow morning and it’s sleeting, please check a weather report before leaving for work. If it
looks like it’s going to get worse, please stay home. We all need work nowadays but if you have an accident, hurt yourself or someone else or get snuck, it’s going to be more expensive than missing a day of work.

Please try to keep your vehicles off the street. If you lose power and need a warm place to stay, you may come to the courthouse. We have a generator that powers the police dept. and the court room. It that becomes necessary,
please bring blankets, pillows, warm clothes, bottled water and enough “ready to eat” food for you and your party. Some board games, a small portable radio and something to read would be good also.

The public works crew will put sand on the road if necessary. If you must drive somewhere, use Hemlock and Spruce to come and go.

If this becomes necessary, please contact me and I’ll meet you at the courtroom. If we ever have an event where people lose power and you can’t stay warm or dry, this facility is always available.

Best Wishes,
Phil Howland/administrator/City of Pine Lake