Minutes from 3 Dec 2009

General Membership Meeting
PLAIN Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by Gwyneth Butera.

Attendees: Gwyneth Butera, President; Lalah Manly, Vice President; Linda Orgain, Secretary; Nicky Rosenbluth, Immediate Past President.

Review of the September Meeting Minutes. The minutes for the October meeting were received and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report. Mary Stuckey was not able to attend this evening. There was no Treasurer’s Report.

Gwyneth said that she felt it was important for PLAIN to work with an accountant to have the accounts reviewed on an annual basis. In addition, there still is a need to complete the work to file for the continuation of PLAINS 509(a)2 status, and the accountant would do this as well. Nicky thought she knew an accountant who works with nonprofit organizations who might be able to work with PLAIN, and will check on this.

The Board decided to engage an accountant to review PLAIN’s accounts and complete the filing for the continuation of 509(a)2 status.

November Meeting Recap. About 25 people attended last month’s informational meeting, where Phil Howland, Pine Lake City Administrator, discussed some of the grant-funded projects underway, including the development of the Eastern Wetlands trail and the western wetlands, and City Councilwoman Bitsy Pitts presented information about the renovation of the Clubhouse. This type of meeting seems to be successful in gaining the participation of more Pine Lake residents.

Volunteer Recognition Dinner. PLAIN Volunteer Recognition Dinner was held on Sunday, November 15, at Sangria’s Mexican Cafe in Tucker. This was held to honor those PLAIN members who consistently volunteer throughout the year, including the Breakfast crew. About 20 people attended the dinner. Thanks to Nicky Rosenbluth for organizing this dinner.

Halloween Party. The annual Halloween Party was held on Saturday, October 31, and attracted a large number of children with their parents. The arts and crafts events were very well received, as well as the cookie decorating. Participants could purchase pizza, soda, and juice during storytime; this worked out very well. It was suggested that next year, perhaps instead of storytelling, we could have a puppet show or a magic show that would be of interest to older children up to age 12. A contest for the best costumes also was suggested. Thanks to Nicky and Chris Rosenbluth and children, Linda Orgain, Yuri Zarus, Lalah Manly, Gwyneth and Camille Butera, Kathi deNobriga, and Ellen Mintzmeyer, for assisting with this event.

Caring and Sharing. Faye Ridling is coordinating this annual effort to provide food baskets for Christmas. She is accepting donations, and will have a basket for donations at this weekend’s Pancake Breakfast.

LakeFest 2010. Lalah informed the group that a planning meeting for next year’s LakeFest will be held on January 16. It will again be held the first weekend of the month. She said that about 1500 people participated in this year’s LakeFest. The vendors said that although sales were not that strong, that good relationships were made.

Christmas Activities. Arrangements have been made for this Saturday’s Christmas activities. Karen Styles has agreed to take photographs during “Breakfast with Santa” on Saturday morning, and Lalah Manly will coordinate the cookie exchange on Saturday night. Santa is scheduled to make a personal appearance.

New Business:

January and February meetings. At the January 7 meeting, Nicky is going to provide an informational session on family budgeting*. In February, Gwyneth will lead a brainstorming session on ways to improve PLAIN’s communications strategies.

PLAIN Talk. Editor Ella Johnnaber is looking for assistance, particular for someone who can coordinate advertising. Contact Ella at plaintalkeditor@plainhelps.org.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 4, at 7:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

Note: Due to bad weather, this meeting was cancelled and the presentation will be rescheduled.