Beach Closed as of 8/27

From our City Administrator:

I am sorry to say that the beach will be closed until the next water testing
next week. I am working on a solution to keep the 60 or so geese off the
beach at night. Please assist us with this problem. If you drive by the
beach during the evening and are so inclined, please hop out of your car and
scare the geese away. Please do not scare any geese after 12 midnight. We
don’t want to disturb the people living on Lakeshore anymore than need be.
Please be careful. I don’t believe that an aggressive goose will hurt you,
but if you are uncomfortable, please don’t do it. I am working on a
permanent solution for the geese and beavers. I’ll get back with you soon.

Because our water and beach are important to us, I wanted to try something
different. This afternoon, we have installed silt fence at the water line
from the beach house to the playground. I know it isn’t pretty. I want to
try to keep the geese from roosting on the beach at night. We also have
some goose repellant that we are spraying on the fencing. Hopefully, this
will not only keep off the beach until the next water testing, but
discourage them from coming back for the rest of the swimming year. Maybe,
maybe not we’ll see. We’ll see if it will work.