Fall Cleanup – Sat 10/23 at 9am

Please share with other lists and announcements; posters will be up by Wednesday.

Time for our autumn cleaning! We will meet at the Western Wetland entrance 9:00 AM this Saturday, October 23 to clean the area between the new trail and creek. Also, we will continue wrapping the trees with wire to protect them from beavers – another tree is down on the berm since Saturday. Please join us on what looks to be a beautiful day to clean our new wetlands, trail, and protect our trees. Any time you donate will be helpful for our in-kind contributions for grants; we will have sign-in sheets and waiver forms available.

The city will provide the tools, equipment, and other items for us. Thanks to Kevin Liske and Phil Howland for helping coordinate this clean-up event and get things moving for us Saturday morning. I conveniently scheduled work months ago.

The Other Greg