Curbside yard debris pickup

I want to remind everyone of a few rules and guidelines for picking up yard debris at the curbside.

1) Please always bag your leaves in paper bags. It is against City ordinance to put leaves in the street gutter, unbagged.

2) Please only set out yard debris on the weekend. Do not set yard debris out at any other time. We will endeavor to pick up your yard debris every Monday and Tuesday.

3) Please make every effort to mulch your leaves. This is good for the environment and saves us all time and money.

4) No construction debris or junk tires are allowed. Paint cans may be set out if the paint is dry in the cans. If you have a construction project going on, please rent a small dumpster and use it to dispose of your construction debris. Dumpsters must be put in your yard, not on the street.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Phil Howland/Director of Public Works/City of Pine Lake