PLAIN Events coordinators wanted

Here is a list of the events and services that PLAIN has traditionally sponsered. The money for these events comes primarily from your membership dues (look at all we get for $25 a family!). The Board moved away from the operations side of events this past year. We mostly tried to facilitate the
Event Coordinators that were hosting the event and pitch in when possible. The Event Coordinator was pretty much on their own as far as rustling up helpers to set up, host and break down. The coordinator was also responsible for advertising the event. If you see your name below, will you let me know whether you plan to host the same event next year (July 2011-June 2012)?

There are several areas where we need new coordinators and these people listed below are going to need helpers, so don’t be shy about pitching in even if you cannot host an event.

Pancake Breakfast has been a month to month endeavor. The immediate need is a coordinator for Saturday June 4th. The next breakfast is supposed to be on July 2nd, a holiday weekend. Ideally, there would be at least one person who took primary responsibility for this event. The makings of a new breakfast crew has been put together over the last year already, so you wont be starting from scratch.

Pancake Breakfast-NEEDED.
International Dinner-Marie Andrade
Halloween Party-Annette Cotter, Marie Andrade
Caring and Sharing-Faye Ridling
Breakfast with Santa-Nicky Rosenbluth & Stuckey’s
Cookie Exchange, but not the lighting of the lake hooplah-Lalah Manly
Chili Cookoff-NEEDED
Easter Egg Hunt-Judy and Kini
Yard Sale-Jean
Ice Cream Social-Nicky Rosenbluth
Elections-President (Talani)
Membership Drive Breakfast-Vice President (Rene)

Please let us know if any of these events interests you. The current PLAIN leadership will be having a steering committe meeting next week to discuss the viability of continueing these events. If you see your name up there and have no intention of doing it again next year (July 2011-June 2012) please let me know ASAP so we can line up a replacement.