Breakfast! September 3

Join us from 9:30 – 11:30 am on Saturday, September 3rd, for the next PLAIN Pancake Breakfast! We invite you all to join us at the Beach House for a scrumptious meal amongst your Pine Lake friends and neighbors. 
The menu: most eggcellent scrambled eggs, purdy-darn-good pancakes, groovy grits, savory sausages. Beverages include orange juice, coffee, and mimosas! $5 for PLAIN members, $6 for non-members, $3 for children. $1 off if you bring your own plates/utensils. FREE if you join PLAIN!

Food Donation this Saturday!

The Pantry has been cleaned out, and the shelves are empty!  So PLAIN will collect food donations for the Food Pantry at breakfast this Saturday. Thanks in advance for your generous donations. Dry provisions only, please.  

Volunteers are needed for breakfast. Please contact Tina Kite – at 404- 932- 6453  One hour would help immensely to set up, cook, or break down. 

Also, PLAIN is merging its Caring and Sharing program and the Food Bank donation program.  They are now one:  Neighbors to Neighbors program. If you want more information as to how this works and who it helps, contact us at or come to the breakfast and ask. We hope to see you there.

If you missed it, Pride Lake was a smashing success! PLAIN Is proud to have supported Pride Lake. Thanks, Thomas, Tim, Jan, Stephanie, and Andrea!  Also, big shout-outs to Kimberly Jackson, our State Senator, and Mayor Hammet, whose contributions were so valuable.  So much work and so much fun.