Minutes from 7 May 2009

PLAIN Meeting Minutes
May 7, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:45p.m. by Lalah Manly.
Attendees: Lalah Manly, Vice President; Mary Stuckey, Treasurer; Linda Orgain, Secretary; Nicky Rosenbluth, Immediate Past President; and Greg Hoff and James Schwarzlose.

Review of the April Meeting Minutes. The minutes for the April meeting were received and accepted as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report. Mary Stuckey provided the Treasury Report for April. PLAIN currently has a positive balance of $2,579.06.There is $1,728.39, in the Tree Fund.

Signs. James S. reported that he is still working on finding more stable mounting for the signs. He will put up signs to announce availability of PLAIN Talk each month.

PLAIN Talk. Ella Johannaber, PLAIN Talk Editor, was not present, so discussion about PLAIN Talk was deferred. Members present suggested putting an item in the next PLAIN Talk to not feed the geese, and to be careful around their nest areas.

Yard Sale Recap. Nicky R. and Mary S. said that they had a successful yard sale on Saturday, April 25, but reported mixed results from some other participants. The late change of the date caused some problems and confusion. It was recommended that PLAIN check for possible conflicts in advance when setting the date of this annual event. If possible, it was recommended that this event should beheld on the same weekend each year. It was suggested that PLAIN provide balloons at each participating home and/or street. In addition, a central location for the sale could be considered. Other suggestions included combining the annual Yard Sale with an Arts/Crafts Sale or with the October LakeFest.

Easter Egg Hunt/Breakfast Recap. The Easter Egg Hunt was held on Saturday, April 11, at the grounds of the Beach House. Because this year it coincided with the beginning of the school spring break, the attendance was a little smaller than in previous years. However, the children who did attend had a lot of fun. There were 6-8 volunteers on the beach distributing the plastic Easter eggs, and this was a sufficient number of volunteers. In addition to the children’s prizes, continental breakfast was availablefor a small fee.

New Business:
Memorial Day Activities. The Pine Lake Memorial Day Celebration will be held on Saturday, May 23. This will begin with a parade around noon, followed by a cook-out/pot luck. PLAIN is responsible for the ice cream social, which will take place at about 2:00 p.m. Faye Ridling has volunteered to pick up the ice cream and toppings.

List Serve Amendments. Gwyneth recently sent an e-mail announcement through the Pine Lake List serve on expanding the types of communications it provides. The List Serve will now accept requests for recommendations for a service, e.g., plumber, car repair vet. When responding to this type of request, information should be sent directly to the requestor, not to the entire group. In addition, Gwyneth is compiling a weekly listing of classified ads. She is testing this approach for 3 months to see how it works, and is requesting feedback.

General Membership Meeting. The General Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, June4. Gwyneth has announced her intention to step down as PLAIN president. Mary Stuckey has agreed to remain as Treasurer, and Linda Orgain has agreed to remain as Secretary. Both these individuals have said that they will only remain in these leadership positions for 1 more year. Lalah has agreed to remain Vice President. Lalah will compile the slate of officers for next month’s elections.

Annual Membership Drive. This event also takes place in June. All members renew their membership. The cost of the PLAIN membership is $25 per household. Those who renew at the June 6 Pancake Breakfast will eat for free!

Pancake Breakfast. The breakfast crew has again asked for volunteers to help prepare the monthly breakfast. The current crew has been doing this for many years, and several of the crew now have other obligations and will not be able to continue. Interested people should contact Sheryl Feenan.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15p.m.
The next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 4, at 7:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse.