Pine Lake Park and Beach Rules

(Proposed) Pine Lake Park and Beach Rules
Prepared by: Greg Creech
May 1, 2012

Valerie Caldwell at City Hall has the waiver form for adults who want to
enjoy swimming in our renovated, deeper lake area outside of the ropes.
Happy swimming and enjoy our refurbished beach and swimming area; you are
going to love them. Here are the proposed rules:

1. Swimming is permitted until sunset. The Park, which includes the Western Wetlands, Eastern Green Space, and all trails surrounding the lake, close at sunset. Swimming is allowed from May 1 through October 7, 2012 (OctoberLake Fest).
2. Current Park cards are required for use of our lake and lake-side amenities (Playground, picnic area, Beach House) and must be presented upon request. Park cards are available at the Court Clerk’s Office (Free to homeowners and $50 for non-residents).
3. Swimming is always at your own risk.
4. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult and swim within the roped area.
5. Children 6 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult in the water, i.e. adults must be with children six years and younger in the water at all times.
6. Adults may swim outside of the roped area but within the berm by signing a waiver form available at City Hall.
7. No fishing is allowed in the lake until further notice, due to re-stocking of fish.
8. Please Clean Up After Your Pets. To promote health and lessen pollution in our lake, Pine Lake is a Pooper Scooper community requiring us to pick up our pet’s waste and dispose of it properly. For your convenience we have provided plastic bags in containers on our garbage can houses. If you have extra plastic shopping bags, you are welcome to restock these containers with your own bags. Thanks in advance for your help!
9. Save the geese, ducks, and other birds by not feeding them. This is not healthy to their digestive system, interrupts their migration pattern, and pollutes our lake.
10. No dogs or pets are allowed off-leash, in the lake, or on the beach at any time.
11. No glass containers allowed on the beach or in the park.
12. Alcoholic beverage consumption and public drunkenness are not allowed at the park or beach and violators are subject to arrest and prosecution. Alcoholic beverages are only allowed during special and permitted events.
13. Smoking is prohibited on the beach. No fires on the beach without a permit.
14. Honor the noise ordinances and litter laws and keep our park and lake clean.