Call for Volunteers

*”But I don’t know how.”
“What if no one shows up to help?”
“What if I do it wrong?”*

Dear Neighbors,

I wrote to you some time ago to say that PLAIN needs your help if it is to stay afloat. Some of you responded to say you’d like to support the organization without committing to an office, and we appreciate knowing that
PLAIN has been important to you. Thanks for writing!

Although we do not have a full slate of new officers to present to you, we’re going to attempt a sort of life support system for now. Below is a list of events that PLAIN produces. Please sign up to host/co-host an event (a.k.a. make it happen). Events without someone to make them happen *by the end of June* will simply be deleted from the calendar.

Back to the questions above: it can be overwhelming to offer to make an event go forward when you’ve never been involved with it in the past. It’s easy to believe you simply don’t know enough. I’ll tell you this from experience: showing up is 80% of the battle. Those of us who have helped in the past will tell you what you need to know. There are checklists, there are keys, there are instructions.

And if it goes differently than what’s been traditional, all the better!

So, consider signing up, then recruiting one neighbor or six to help you. The community will help.

What will you commit to hosting?

  • Chili Cook-Off
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • City-wide Yard Sale
  • Memorial day Ice Cream Social
  • International Dinner: *Marie Andrade*
  • Labor Day festivities
  • Halloween party: * Annette Cotter*
  • Caring and Sharing baskets for those in need
  • Cookie Exchange at Lighting of the Lake: *Lalah Manly*
  • Pictures with Santa

Pancake breakfast: Every first Saturday of the month at the Beach House.
Breakfast is served from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. (This event is still being covered periodically by the original breakfast crew, but perhaps for not too much longer. Anyone willing to organize even one month’s breakfast could choose to do so at a smaller level – danishes and coffee, even.)

  • January breakfast
  • March breakfast
  • May breakfast
  • July breakfast
  • September breakfast
  • November breakfast