Clubhouse Renovations

Dear fellow Pine Lake Residents-

We are at an exciting point in our revitalization efforts for the City of Pine Lake.

As a collective, we have a city that is a robust combination of character, safety, and environmental quality. The infrastructure of Pine Lake is unique and commodious and should not only be preserved but enhanced. Our collective assets, parks, and community structures are all key components that need maintenance and thoughtful, congruent care for healthy and reflective growth.

While relishing the experience of the now, around our beautiful lake, it is inescapable to ponder what could be and to appreciate what has been. Keeping this in mind, there is a myriad of enhancements that would further secure our quality of life, community assets, and environmental health. Our first major opportunity is the Clubhouse renovation.

Our project is to not only repair the damaging effects of water and time on our Clubhouse building, but to prepare it for a communal response to function and utility, Presently, we have reached the point where we can begin to address structural degradation and site modest structural repairs, to one of our city landmarks, to increase the accessibility to all. As with any project, budgetary concerns will determine the total scope, but our focus will not waiver from our original purpose to preserve and enhance our treasured landmarks for the citizens of Pine Lake.

Having publicly discussed this project for over 2 years, we are presently preparing the checklist to start the bidding process.

Every effort has been made and will continue to be made , to keep our citizens informed of the progress. Also, as in the past, we will continue to report our progress, at our public meetings and in PlainTalk.

The Pine Lake Clubhouse Renovation Committee