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Stray Dog Reporting Guidelines

Citizens reporting visibly non-aggressive stray animals during DeKalb Animal Control operating hours (Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.)
1. Call DeKalb Animal Control directly at 404-294-2996 to report. Give the animal description and approximate location. If possible, leave a phone # and try to watch the animal until the Officer arrives.
2. E-mail pinelakestray@gmail.com (this is our committee’s new e-mail address) with animal description (incl. color, size, and possible breed), time and date of sighting and approximate location. (this helps notify the community)
3. Pine Lake’s stray animal committee will contact the PL Police Dept. to give them a “heads-up”.
4. (If outside of animal control hours, just do step 2)

Citizens reporting visibly aggressive stray animals during DeKalb Animal Control operating hours (Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.)
1. Call 911 to report an animal description and approximate location.
2. Call Animal Control at 404-294-2996 to confirm 911 call.
3. E-mail pinelakeannounce@yahoogroups.com with animal description, description of aggressive behavior, time and date of sighting, and approximate location (this step helps to notify the community).
4. (If outside of animal control hours, skip step 2)

(Compliments of the Pine Lake Stray Committee and the Pine Lake Police Department)

Stray Dog Committee Fundraiser – Sat 5/7

Our Pine Lake Stray Dog Committee will be holding our first fundraiser during the PLAIN city-wide yard sale on Sat., May 7 from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. We will be located in the Club House parking lot. All proceeds will fund equipment for our police officers so that they can respond to urgent calls while waiting for county animal control to arrive. Our short-term goal is to raise $850 to pay for two catchpoles and two traps that will belong to the city. In our discussions with animal control officers from multiple counties, it is clear that this equipment is considered the baseline. We plan to raise funds for one or two pieces of additional equipment, including humane, longer-range devices, in the near future.

If you have items you‚d like to sell but don‚t feel like setting up your own booth, we are currently seeking furniture/other donations in good condition to sell at the fundraiser. We are also seeking a volunteer with a truck who might be able to assist in transporting larger donations to the Club house
parking lot. If anyone is interested in wedding/event planning items, I will be selling a large stash of décor, serving pieces, etc. at the committee‚s booth. We also will be accepting cash donations and we will have treats (for both human and canine) for sale.

To recap, we have been working in cooperation with the Pine Lake Police Department since August to come up with effective solutions to the roaming stray dog issue in our neighborhood. Some of these animals have exhibited aggression, including repeated incidents last summer and earlier this year of stray animals attacking cats and growling at residents. We feel that it is important for our Police to be able to serve as first responders to contain potentially dangerous animals until Animal Control has a chance to arrive. One Pine Lake Police Sgt. received free training in October through Cobb County Animal Control and he has shared his knowledge with several core members of the department.

In the near future, our committee and Chief Green will be putting in place a three-step procedure for residents making animal control calls to help speed the response time and increase our ability to track the calls. Summer is a popular time for stray animals, because people relocate and leave their pets behind. We will also be promoting responsible pet ownership. We welcome the community‚s participation in these efforts.

Neighborhood Watch – Tue 10/19 at 7pm

We will hold our next Neighborhood Watch Meeting on Tuesday, October 19 at 7:00 PM in the Beach House. This is a change from the original date. Please plan to attend and we’ll have some treats for everyone. Please see the agenda below.

– Honor the Street Captains
– Transition and help for Matt, Tim, and George
– Update on the Dog Subcommittee
– Halloween plan and preparation
– Report from the Chief
– Anything on people’s mind

We look forward to seeing all of you there.

National Night Out – Tue 8/3 at 6:30pm

Just a reminder of our annual Neighborhood Watch / National Night Out Luau. This is a pot luck event so bring a dish to share and come have fun with your friends and neighbors.

Listen to the music of our resident DJ, Mike Stuckey. EAT, SWIM, ROAST MARSHMALLOWS in the BONFIRE on the beach. Play Games, Dance and Let’s Limbo!!!! Join us for lots of fun!

WHEN:This Tuesday evening
PLACE: At Pine Lake beach
TIME: 6:30 pm TO 9:00 pm

Neighborhood Watch Welcome Letter

April 13, 2010

Welcome to Pine Lake!

After you settle in and get acquainted with your new home and surroundings, we hope you will be involved in the neighborhood watch team. The Pine Lake Neighborhood Watch is neighbors watching out for each other for the common good. We will meet quarterly to bring you up to date on what has been happening in our city.

We have neighbors who volunteered to be street captains as well as neighbors who volunteered to operate the phone tree. When something happens which the community needs to be informed of right away, we will send an e-mail to those on the e-mail list. The
Captains will then phone the phone tree persons and they in turn will phone all the people on their list. We want to make sure all of Pine Lake is aware of criminal activity in our city.

If you see anything or anyone out of the ordinary, or that you feel just isn’t right, first phone 911. Then phone your street captain and we will see to it that our neighbors are informed. We, the citizens of Pine Lake, need to watch out for each other. Pine Lake is a
safe city and we would like it to stay that way.

Also, please visit our Web site at:
This will have a lot of information for you and you may download the House Watch Form, the Neighborhood Watch Information Form, and street captain list. We post the incidents and the Chief’s weekend report on this site, too.

We have provided the Neighborhood Watch sticker for use on your window or door in your new home. Thanks for being here. Best wishes.

Take care and see you at the Lake.

Greg Creech 404-299-1706 Faye Ridling 404-294-6577

How It Works


Block captain.
A conduit for information flowing up to the committee chair and down to the people on his or her block. Block captains will introduce themselves to all residents on their blocks, will drop off a contact card to each household that includes details on how the resident can reach the block captain, and will gather contact information about those residents so that people can be reached quickly when situations arise. Block captains can also deliver PLAIN Welcome Kits to new residents in their area. Welcome Kits will contain new information about Neighborhood Watch. Block captains may be asked to attend Neighborhood Watch meetings.

Will “patrol” the city on foot, bicycle or by car and share information with the block captain and/or the police about anything unusual.

Will notice unusual things and report them.

Other folks.
Make signs, call for meetings etc.

The Chief of Police agreed to share information with the committee chairperson about violent crimes within 8-12 hours of the occurrence, and non-violent crimes, such as burglaries, between 12-24 hours. A Neighborhood Watch volunteer will visit the Pine Lake Police Department twice weekly to review police reports, noting incidents that should be shared with residents. This volunteer will deliver information to the committee chair who will send it on to block captains for dispersal.

Information Flow

Something has happened.
You personally witness something out of the ordinary such as a car or person that looks unfamiliar and behaves in a suspicious manner, or you have a first hand experience that is an emergency or other distressful situation. If you have a cell phone, always carry it with you.

1. Immediately call 911 to report the incident or situation. Try to notice and include as many details about the situation as possible: someone’s appearance, especially things that aren’t easily changed such as tattooes, scars, teeth missing or broken, height, weight, etc., what time the incident occurred, the location, etc. When an officer responds, be sure to file a police report.
2. Contact your block captain with all details regarding the incident, or have someone else to it for you if you’re not able. It’s helpful to create your own written description of what happened so that you can report details more easily and consistently.
3. Block captain will contact committee chair with all details.
4. Committee chair will verify information within 24 hours with the police. Once information has been verified, chair will contact block captains with details.
5. Block captains will contact all residents in their blocks with information.

Other emergencies.
When weather conditions cause residents to lose power, committee chair will contact block captains with information about availability of public buildings and what to do if there’s an emergency. Depending on conditions, block captains may go door-to-door to deliver information and check on the well-being of residents.

About Neighborhood Watch

How is the Neighborhood Watch helpful to me and my family?
As good neighbors, we generally watch each others homes, back doors, and take the time to notice strange cars in the interest of the safety of our immediate vicinity. The Neighborhood Watch communication system will alert all residents to trends and incidents that threaten the safety and well-being of any of us. Being informed makes us less fearful and better guardians of the community we value.

What happens when I am out of town?
You may fill out a form at City Hall to request a Police Watch of your home. This will alert the Pine Lake Police to your absence and they will take special notice of your home during patrols. In addition, you may choose to alert your Block Captain. This will trigger a special alert so that closer attention will be given to events that may occur in your area. The fact that you are not in town will not be distributed to all residents.

How can I help?
Call 911 if you’re suspicious of something going on. Jot down the details while you wait for the officer to arrive. If you are uncertain as to whether you should call 911, feel free to contact your Block Captain. Once the police arrive and take your information, please be certain to request that a police report of your issue is filed. At some point in the process, notify your Block Captain, who will communicate the issue to the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. Depending on the urgency and nature of the issue, the information may be disseminated to all residents.

Together, we ensure safety
Pine Lake is a small and encapsulated community. We are uniquely positioned to share information and to work together for the greater good.

Faye Ridling
phone: 404 294 6577

Greg Creech
phone: 404 299 1706

Latest News from Neighborhood Watch: 12/10/2009

Please click on the adjacent hyperlink for a comprehensive incident report with important safety tips – Important Incident Report and Safety Tips. And here’s statistics of our surrounding (.2 mile radius) area Surrounding area activity. We will post additional information – status and tips as well. Don’t forget about the House Watch Form and Neighborhood Watch information sheet under the Police & Public Safety Tab on the city website..