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Curbside yard debris pickup

I want to remind everyone of a few rules and guidelines for picking up yard debris at the curbside.

1) Please always bag your leaves in paper bags. It is against City ordinance to put leaves in the street gutter, unbagged.

2) Please only set out yard debris on the weekend. Do not set yard debris out at any other time. We will endeavor to pick up your yard debris every Monday and Tuesday.

3) Please make every effort to mulch your leaves. This is good for the environment and saves us all time and money.

4) No construction debris or junk tires are allowed. Paint cans may be set out if the paint is dry in the cans. If you have a construction project going on, please rent a small dumpster and use it to dispose of your construction debris. Dumpsters must be put in your yard, not on the street.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Phil Howland/Director of Public Works/City of Pine Lake

Icy Streets – 1/13

I want to ask everyone for their continued patience and to please exercise extreme care when driving on our streets. The streets that we have managed to scrape snow and ice off of still are icing up after dark. Please avoid Clubhouse Drive until further notice. The City will attempt to scrap some of the ice from the road surface in the morning. We will also spread as much sand as we have available.

We are on the County’s list for assistance as soon as it’s available. Hemlock and Spruce have been cleared enough for ingress and egress, but you need to continue using extreme care.

Thanks to all the wonderful people that have assisted their neighbors. Please be careful and use Hemlock to leave the City and Spruce to come home. Please continue to be patient.

Emergency Shelter Available Sunday Night – 1/9

The weather update still has some nasty stuff coming our way. Please be sure to take any precautions necessary for a few days of nasty.

The city has pre-placed sand at the more susceptible locations and will be treating any icy roads as necessary. PLEASE don’t disturb them otherwise.

The City Council chamber will also be available Sunday night for use as an emergency shelter. If you lose heat one way or another, this facility will be available. The Council Chamber, and once the renovation is complete, the clubhouse, is hooked to a generator and can function when the main power is cut out for whatever reason.

If you decide to go, you will have to provide your own bedding materials. We can supply a warm room with a bathroom but there are no supplies there otherwise. Check on neighbors who may not have access to this list and let them know this is available.

Thank you!
Matt Pulsts

Pine Lake CERT Team

Beach Closed as of 8/27

From our City Administrator:

I am sorry to say that the beach will be closed until the next water testing
next week. I am working on a solution to keep the 60 or so geese off the
beach at night. Please assist us with this problem. If you drive by the
beach during the evening and are so inclined, please hop out of your car and
scare the geese away. Please do not scare any geese after 12 midnight. We
don’t want to disturb the people living on Lakeshore anymore than need be.
Please be careful. I don’t believe that an aggressive goose will hurt you,
but if you are uncomfortable, please don’t do it. I am working on a
permanent solution for the geese and beavers. I’ll get back with you soon.

Because our water and beach are important to us, I wanted to try something
different. This afternoon, we have installed silt fence at the water line
from the beach house to the playground. I know it isn’t pretty. I want to
try to keep the geese from roosting on the beach at night. We also have
some goose repellant that we are spraying on the fencing. Hopefully, this
will not only keep off the beach until the next water testing, but
discourage them from coming back for the rest of the swimming year. Maybe,
maybe not we’ll see. We’ll see if it will work.

Resurfacing of Hemlock Road

Hemlock Road is scheduled for resurfacing July 14 and 15. Please park in your driveways and on side streets. The work is being performed by C.W. Mathews and paid for with a grant that I administer. There is no cost to
the residents of Pine Lake. In the past, the road resurfacing contractor has been anywhere from a day to a week late doing the resurfacing. They are also doing resurfacing in Stone Mountain and Decatur. Sometimes their schedule is affected by problems at these other locations and the weather. Please be flexible. The road will be resurfaced in such a manner as to preserve the gutter. Next year this same grant will pay for the repair of all potholes in Pine Lake and the milling of the gutters to reestablish our gutters to reduce the chance of flooding. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Please help us make this work.

Phil Howland/administrator/City of Pine Lake

Trash and Debris Pickups

Trash and debris pickups will be done on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please don’t set anything on your curb except during the weekend. This is an effort to perform public works duties more efficiently. If you set stuff out on the
curb for pickup, it might sit until the following week. Please let your neighbors, that may not be on the list, know about this. I will endeavor to have it in PLAINTALK next month.

Phil Howland/administrator/City of Pine Lake