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PLAIN August, 2016 Meeting

Please join us at our regular PLAIN monthly meeting tomorrow (Thursday) August 18, 7:00 PM at the Beach House. Besides yummy snacks and water, we will plan and discuss these important items for our community:

  • PLAINTalk
  • September Breakfast
  • PLAINhelps.org website plan and budget
  • International Dinner/Pine Lake Lounge Broadway Show
  • Update on Beach House storage space
  • Update on Nita Towns’ Memorial
  • Yard of the Month

Thanks and hope to see you there.

Greg Creech, PLAIN President 2016-2017
404-403-5391 (cell)
404-299-1706 (home)

June’s Yard of the Month

Congratulations! Yard of the Month for June goes to Jessica Long at 4620 Poplar Road. One of our categories for Yard of the Month is a natural yard and Jessica has transformed her yard into a beautiful flower garden with something blooming all of the time. Currently mini-carnations, daisies, and hydrangeas are blooming. Jessica receives a $25 Hall’s gift certificate, free PLAIN breakfast, a lovely certificate with photos, the fabulous sign in her yard, and a PLAINTalk article. Thanks Jessica! Everyone – keep those nominations coming to creechgreg@bellsouth.net.

Help us continue and expand programs, like this, and events by renewing and joining PLAIN today.


PLAIN News for August

It’s back to school for 3 out of 4 board members, so no PLAIN meeting was scheduled for this month.

We have plenty to work on this month: We are expecting a cost estimate on the Bulletin Board upgrades any second now.

We need a small group to repair the planter boxes in front of the beach house. If you are interested in this project, contact Talani and we’ll get you the support you need to make it happen.

Pancake breakfast is back for September 3rd (8:30-11). I think the regular crew is back in town but we can always find something for you to do. Let Talani know if this is something you’d like to be a part of.

See you around!

PLAIN Events coordinators wanted

Here is a list of the events and services that PLAIN has traditionally sponsered. The money for these events comes primarily from your membership dues (look at all we get for $25 a family!). The Board moved away from the operations side of events this past year. We mostly tried to facilitate the
Event Coordinators that were hosting the event and pitch in when possible. The Event Coordinator was pretty much on their own as far as rustling up helpers to set up, host and break down. The coordinator was also responsible for advertising the event. If you see your name below, will you let me know whether you plan to host the same event next year (July 2011-June 2012)?

There are several areas where we need new coordinators and these people listed below are going to need helpers, so don’t be shy about pitching in even if you cannot host an event.

Pancake Breakfast has been a month to month endeavor. The immediate need is a coordinator for Saturday June 4th. The next breakfast is supposed to be on July 2nd, a holiday weekend. Ideally, there would be at least one person who took primary responsibility for this event. The makings of a new breakfast crew has been put together over the last year already, so you wont be starting from scratch.

Pancake Breakfast-NEEDED.
International Dinner-Marie Andrade
Halloween Party-Annette Cotter, Marie Andrade
Caring and Sharing-Faye Ridling
Breakfast with Santa-Nicky Rosenbluth & Stuckey’s
Cookie Exchange, but not the lighting of the lake hooplah-Lalah Manly
Chili Cookoff-NEEDED
Easter Egg Hunt-Judy and Kini
Yard Sale-Jean
Ice Cream Social-Nicky Rosenbluth
Elections-President (Talani)
Membership Drive Breakfast-Vice President (Rene)

Please let us know if any of these events interests you. The current PLAIN leadership will be having a steering committe meeting next week to discuss the viability of continueing these events. If you see your name up there and have no intention of doing it again next year (July 2011-June 2012) please let me know ASAP so we can line up a replacement.

PLAIN Board Members Needed for 2011-2012

Hello neighbors. It is that time of year! The Pine Lake Association of Involved Neighbors (PLAIN) board consists of four members plus the immediate past president. Our leadership, and membership for that matter, rolls over in June.

Are you willing to consider running for the board of directors ? If so, please contact me. We are planning a steering committee meeting next week to work on the transition.

Here is a link to the PLAIN Bylaws. You can also navigate to other information about the organization from this link:

Here are the officer responsibilities:

President items:
Get set of club house/beach house keys from Valerie.
Email announce list about upcoming breakfasts and plain meetings
Make sure there is a breakfast crew and they know what else is happening community related that day (ie breakfast with Santa)!
Take care of info@plainhelps.org emails.

VP items:
Get membership forms from Treasurer and update membership spreadsheet (new sheet each year)
These updates need to be made in a very timely manner.
Remind volunteers of their commitments.
Send out a call for volunteers & officers in Apr/May/June.

Secretary items:
If possible, send a recap of meeting to plaintalk editor.
Bring previous month’s minutes to meeting for approval.
Send approved minutes to Gwyneth for posting on website.
Update brochure when necessary – Linda has the latest copy.

Treasurer items:
Get keys to mailbox 44 – Talani has them right now
Get all records – Talani and Lois are holding them now.
Keep a simple set of spreadsheets sufficient for our needs and reduce the “handover” difficulties.

Thank you for your consideration.

Damage to Playground Wall

This morning, at about 7:30 a.m., a water truck owned by the company resurfacing Hemlock, backed into the green wall in front of the playground. I spoke immediately with the crew chief and he is making arrangements to have the wall repaired. Though the wall does not appear to be in any danger of collapsing, please exercise extreme caution and please stay off the wall. Please encourage our children to stay off the wall until it’s repaired. Realistically it should take a week or so to repair. I was just contacted by a rep from the grading company and was assured the problem will be addressed immediately.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience,
Phil Howland/Director of Public Works/City of Pine Lake

Trash and Debris Pickups

Trash and debris pickups will be done on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please don’t set anything on your curb except during the weekend. This is an effort to perform public works duties more efficiently. If you set stuff out on the
curb for pickup, it might sit until the following week. Please let your neighbors, that may not be on the list, know about this. I will endeavor to have it in PLAINTALK next month.

Phil Howland/administrator/City of Pine Lake

Clubhouse Renovations

Dear fellow Pine Lake Residents-

We are at an exciting point in our revitalization efforts for the City of Pine Lake.

As a collective, we have a city that is a robust combination of character, safety, and environmental quality. The infrastructure of Pine Lake is unique and commodious and should not only be preserved but enhanced. Our collective assets, parks, and community structures are all key components that need maintenance and thoughtful, congruent care for healthy and reflective growth.

While relishing the experience of the now, around our beautiful lake, it is inescapable to ponder what could be and to appreciate what has been. Keeping this in mind, there is a myriad of enhancements that would further secure our quality of life, community assets, and environmental health. Our first major opportunity is the Clubhouse renovation.

Our project is to not only repair the damaging effects of water and time on our Clubhouse building, but to prepare it for a communal response to function and utility, Presently, we have reached the point where we can begin to address structural degradation and site modest structural repairs, to one of our city landmarks, to increase the accessibility to all. As with any project, budgetary concerns will determine the total scope, but our focus will not waiver from our original purpose to preserve and enhance our treasured landmarks for the citizens of Pine Lake.

Having publicly discussed this project for over 2 years, we are presently preparing the checklist to start the bidding process.

Every effort has been made and will continue to be made , to keep our citizens informed of the progress. Also, as in the past, we will continue to report our progress, at our public meetings and in PlainTalk.

The Pine Lake Clubhouse Renovation Committee