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Minutes from 10-15-2015 Meeting

Here’s a link to the PLAIN minutes as a PDF. Thanks.

Pine Lake Association of Involved Neighbors                                        PLAIN

Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2015

I. Call to order

Greg Creech, standing in for Jan Christiansen, called to order the regular meeting of the Pine Lake Association of Involved Neighbor at 7:12 p.m. on October 15, 2015 at the Beach house.

II. Attendance

The following persons were present: Greg Creech (vice president), Jean Bordeaux (treasurer), Ann Jimenez (secretary), Susan Lightcap, Jackie Biggers, Lynn Callery, Butch Terry, Ella Johannaber, JoAnn Davenport, Megan Pulsts, and Matthew Pulsts.

Approval of minutes from last meeting:

The minutes from the last meeting were read. The minutes were approved as written.

III. Treasurer’s Report

  1. According to the treasurer, Jean Bordeaux, cash flow included the purchase of gift cards from Hall’s nursery for Yard of the Month awards for 6 months.
  2. Income included $120 from the Lake Fest raffle and $75 from the International dinner.
  3. The current balance in the account is $7698.


IV. Membership

Greg Creech presented the membership report. He stated that we have one new member.

V. Old Business

  1. International Dinner: Greg Creech stated that he attended the dinner and thought it was a great success.
  2. Lake Fest :

According to Jean Bordeaux, Taika Howard and Wendy Wolfe were very helpful getting out into the crowd and selling raffle tickets . We owe them our appreciation.

Susan Lightcap added that as a vendor, it was the best weekend yet. People really stepped up and made themselves available. It was affirming to have so many townspeople working hard to make it happen.

Although the weather was not great, only three vendors canceled and only one vendor /foodtruck asked for their money back.

Ella Johannaber suggested that next year she would like to see PLAIN with their own booth . A banner displaying our calendar of events would be helpful. Some discussion on the pros and cons of this idea followed.

IV. New Business

  1. PLAIN Talk
  • editor in chief, Susan Lightcap, reminded everyone that the next Wednesday was the deadline for turning in articles to her.
  • She added that she had solicited one paragraph from each candidate in the upcoming elections to include in the next PLAIN Talk.

2. Candidate Forums:

  • The first candidate forum will be on October 19th at the Clubhouse. This will be for candidates running for the four year term.
  • The forum for the two year term will be on Sunday, October 25th at the beach house. The times for each forum are posted on the pinelakega.com website.
  • It was decided to not have refreshments at the forums. An easel and some kind of paper to tape to the walls is needed. Set-up will be at 6:30.
  • Greg Creech proposed we appropriate $100 from our account in case we need to purchase any paper, markers, etc. for the forums. The motion passed.

3. Halloween/Day of the Dead

  • It was decided to have a kid’s event at the beach house on Halloween day, Saturday, October 31, 3:30 – 5:30.
  • Greg Creech will check the availability and book the beach house for the event.
  • Ella Johannaber volunteered to be in charge of the entertainment and would seek other volunteers to help decorate.
  • Greg Creech requested that we appropriate $100 for the Halloween party. The motion was passed.
  • Amy Colburn was not able to be at this meeting, but she wanted to do something for Day of the Dead at our November breakfast.

4. November breakfast:

  • Lynn Callery is heading up the November breakfast.
  • According to Megan Pulsts, a Town Hall meeting is scheduled for that day.
  • Greg Creech stated that the tree board was making a presentation after the breakfast and suggested that it could be made part of the Town Hall meeting.

5. Yard of the Month:

  • Was very successful. We have the following weekend to get yards ready for the October nominations to be made on Monday and Tuesday. We will vote Tuesday evening for the next winner.

6. Breakfast with Santa, December 5th.

  • Lalah Manley will coordinate an artist’s market. Lalah will also coordinate the cookie exchange that will be that evening.
  • Mike Stuckey will probably be our Santa. We need to contact Lawrence Andrade for photography.
  • We need to be sure the beach house is available in the evening as well for the lighting of the lake.

VII. Adjournment

The motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved at 8:10.

Minutes submitted by: Ann Jimenez

Minutes approved by: [Name]

Minutes from 1 Apr 2010

PLAIN Meeting Minutes
April 1, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:49 p.m. by Gwyneth Butera.

Attendees: Gwyneth Butera, President; Lalah Manly, Vice President; Mary Stuckey, Treasurer; Linda Orgain, Secretary; Matt Pulsts, and James Schwarzlose.

Minutes accepted with changes.

Treasurer’s Report. Mary Stuckey provided the Treasurer’s Report, which showed a positive balance of $4,240.15.
Mary gave the materials for the 509(a)2 and is still trying to identify an accountant. Linda will work with Gwyneth on selecting an accountant. We need someone to review past 6 years and year by year. We also need assistance with completing the IRS application.

Easter Activities. Lalah is coordinating the Easter Egg Hunt, which will be held this Saturday, April 3. We have 10 volunteer Easter bunnies for this Saturday. Gwyneth will purchase the prizes. Mary will check with Nicky Rosenbluth about the number of prizes needed. She said we would need first and second prizes for the children age 5 year and under, and a couple of prizes for children age 6 and older. There is a “Prize egg” and a prize for the child who collects the most eggs on each side. Gwyneth has already purchased 5
presents and has 50 goody bags.

Volunteers helping with the morning’s activities will meeting at the Beach House at 7 a.m. Lalah will have
coffee and Allison is bringing muffins.

Citywide Yard Sale. The Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, April 17. Needed are signs, forms and advertising. Faye will take forms to people who wish to participate. There was discussion about advertising for the sale. It was recommended that we advertise on Craig’s list and the Atlanta Journal Constitute Community Events Calendar. Linda volunteered to write and place the ads. She will also check on the cost of helium balloons and purchase balloons for participants. There was discussion about other ways to indicate streets where there are participating households. James will put signs up on Rockbridge. Linda will bring Yard Sale forms to next weekend’s Pancake Breakfast. Gwyneth has some original signs from 2 years ago.

Welcome Packet. Greg Creech is currently revising the Welcome Packet. Faye said the Neighborhood Watch sheets also are being updated.

General Membership Meeting. June is the annual membership meeting and election of new officers. Lalah wrote an article for this month’s PLAINTalk to encourage PLAIN members to consider a leadership role, or other volunteer opportunities. Lalah provided the current active member list.

The membership list was reviewed and there was a discussion of the need for future volunteers and leadership. There is a critical need for leadership because most of the current board has been serving in their positions for 3 years. Linda suggests approaching people and asking them to consider volunteering to help with small tasks at individual events. Matt suggests approaching people at an event, in person.

Matt says that a lot of work done at meetings can be done via e-mail. Gwyneth says once-a-quarter face-to-face meetings are probably all that is needed to coordinate PLAIN’s activities.

Pancake Breakfast. There is a need for a crew for May. Faye says Neighborhood Watch has not cooked yet. Other groups that could be invited to cook include the Tree Board and the Pine Lake Arts Council. The leadership will ask organizations to consider volunteering to cook an upcoming breakfast.

Future Meeting Topics.
In general, there was a feeling among this evening’s attendees that people in Pine Lake are attending many meetings and are tired of some of these. Faye suggests that some groups could hold their meetings sequentially on one night, since there is a lot of overlap in membership. Each group’s meeting could take about 30 minutes.

PLAIN’s May meeting will include a discussion of nominations for the leadership positions. A topic for a future meeting includes bat houses for mosquito control – Diane Johnson has volunteered to coordinate this discussion.

The June meeting is the membership meeting and annual elections of officers. However, at this point, there are no candidates for any of the leadership positions. Several have held their position for three years and would like to step down. Faye thought that perhaps more people might attend if we had activities for children during the same time as the PLAIN meeting.

However, other members thought that the time of the meeting was too late for this. James said that he is a big fan of chaos theory. Chaos precedes community, and sometimes an organization must let things deteriorate and trust that a new community will arise out of the chaos. The community will self organize. Linda suggests putting together a schedule for events for the year, and having volunteers select their projects in advance. Matt says it could be intimidating if everyone is looking at all of the projects throughout the year. However, he noted that other organizations do what Linda suggested. Faye suggests sending out form letter e-mails to the membership to request some assistance. She said it needed to be emphasized that PLAIN is going to cease to exist unless we get some more participation.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.
The next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 6, at 7:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

Minutes from 4 Feb 2010

PLAIN Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:55 p.m. by Gwyneth Butera.

Attendees: Gwyneth Butera, President; Lalah Manly, Vice President; Mary Stuckey, Treasurer; Linda Orgain, Secretary; Ella Johannaber, PLAIN Talk Editor; Greg Creech and Faye Ridling, Co-chairs, Neighborhood Watch; and Gayle Austin (new resident on Lakeshore), James Schwarzlose, Cree Sechrist, Elizabeth Shields, and Veronica Wright.

Treasurer’s Report. Mary Stuckey provided the Treasurer’s Report, which showed a positive balance of $4,242.67.

PLAIN Communications.

This month’s meeting was chaired by PLAIN President Gwyneth Butera, who led a discussion on how PLAIN currently communicates with Pine Lake residents what the best ways are to get information out to the community. Gwyneth said that the PLAIN Talk newsletter is our regular medium for providing information on PLAIN’s activities, but that we are in need of additional assistance for our editor, Ella.

Ella said that in addition to sending list serve announcements before the monthly newsletter deadline soliciting stories, she could approach people and ask them to write specific stories. She appreciates it when people provide her with story ideas. She notes that PLAIN Talk is an excellent archive of city events. It was suggested that the column “Green Talk” be revived, and that Ella develop some more monthly column-type articles for the publication. She would like someone to assist in coordinating this. She would like to continue the Spotlight on residents column.

Elizabeth Shields reminded the group that although the Pine Lake announcement e-mail list is used to communicate about events, many Pine Lakers do not have access to the e-mail. She suggested using another means to provide city annual reminders. In addition, Greg Creech and Faye Ridling currently are updating the city’s Welcome Packet. These will be distributed to new residents, with supplies kept at City Hall.

Gail suggested a more comprehensive newcomer’s packet with more complete and accurate information on some topics, such as recycling. She said that when she moved to the city, she had some problems locating this type of information.

Other ideas for communications presented at the meeting included the following:

PLAIN Web Site: Gwyneth asked for suggestions on what type of information is missing from the PLAIN Web site.
Pine Lake (City) Web site: Concerns were expressed about lack of content. This is maintained by the city, so residents can express this to city management.
Telephone Tree: Faye Ridling is working on developing this, in conjunction with the Neighborhood Watch Committee.

PLAIN Talk: concerns were expressed about this being distributed in electronic format, with the publication no longer being delivered door-to-door. However, it was becoming more difficult to find people willing to make the home deliveries. In addition to the electronic format, it is available in boxes at three sites around the city – Beachhouse, Western Wetlands, and the Courthouse. We will make sure that some are kept at City Hall as well. We are now printing 100, and it was decided to increase this to 125.
Facebook: Elizabeth suggested that we leverage the Pine Lake People’s posting on Facebook and use this medium more. Ella would like to see a Pine Lake gossip column.
Signage: It was suggested that the location of signs be standardized so that residents know where to look for signs. Current locations include the entry to Pine Lake on Spring Street and the corner of Clubhouse and Poplar (James S.’s property). It was also suggested that we put one by the Clubhouse.
Sign Board at Clubhouse: It was suggested that we post a “Month at a Glance” listing of community events on the sign at the Clubhouse, which is not being used regularly.
Directory: Greg Creech said that he would like to work on a new Pine Lake resident directory.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 4, at 7:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

Minutes from 3 Dec 2009

General Membership Meeting
PLAIN Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by Gwyneth Butera.

Attendees: Gwyneth Butera, President; Lalah Manly, Vice President; Linda Orgain, Secretary; Nicky Rosenbluth, Immediate Past President.

Review of the September Meeting Minutes. The minutes for the October meeting were received and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report. Mary Stuckey was not able to attend this evening. There was no Treasurer’s Report.

Gwyneth said that she felt it was important for PLAIN to work with an accountant to have the accounts reviewed on an annual basis. In addition, there still is a need to complete the work to file for the continuation of PLAINS 509(a)2 status, and the accountant would do this as well. Nicky thought she knew an accountant who works with nonprofit organizations who might be able to work with PLAIN, and will check on this.

The Board decided to engage an accountant to review PLAIN’s accounts and complete the filing for the continuation of 509(a)2 status.

November Meeting Recap. About 25 people attended last month’s informational meeting, where Phil Howland, Pine Lake City Administrator, discussed some of the grant-funded projects underway, including the development of the Eastern Wetlands trail and the western wetlands, and City Councilwoman Bitsy Pitts presented information about the renovation of the Clubhouse. This type of meeting seems to be successful in gaining the participation of more Pine Lake residents.

Volunteer Recognition Dinner. PLAIN Volunteer Recognition Dinner was held on Sunday, November 15, at Sangria’s Mexican Cafe in Tucker. This was held to honor those PLAIN members who consistently volunteer throughout the year, including the Breakfast crew. About 20 people attended the dinner. Thanks to Nicky Rosenbluth for organizing this dinner.

Halloween Party. The annual Halloween Party was held on Saturday, October 31, and attracted a large number of children with their parents. The arts and crafts events were very well received, as well as the cookie decorating. Participants could purchase pizza, soda, and juice during storytime; this worked out very well. It was suggested that next year, perhaps instead of storytelling, we could have a puppet show or a magic show that would be of interest to older children up to age 12. A contest for the best costumes also was suggested. Thanks to Nicky and Chris Rosenbluth and children, Linda Orgain, Yuri Zarus, Lalah Manly, Gwyneth and Camille Butera, Kathi deNobriga, and Ellen Mintzmeyer, for assisting with this event.

Caring and Sharing. Faye Ridling is coordinating this annual effort to provide food baskets for Christmas. She is accepting donations, and will have a basket for donations at this weekend’s Pancake Breakfast.

LakeFest 2010. Lalah informed the group that a planning meeting for next year’s LakeFest will be held on January 16. It will again be held the first weekend of the month. She said that about 1500 people participated in this year’s LakeFest. The vendors said that although sales were not that strong, that good relationships were made.

Christmas Activities. Arrangements have been made for this Saturday’s Christmas activities. Karen Styles has agreed to take photographs during “Breakfast with Santa” on Saturday morning, and Lalah Manly will coordinate the cookie exchange on Saturday night. Santa is scheduled to make a personal appearance.

New Business:

January and February meetings. At the January 7 meeting, Nicky is going to provide an informational session on family budgeting*. In February, Gwyneth will lead a brainstorming session on ways to improve PLAIN’s communications strategies.

PLAIN Talk. Editor Ella Johnnaber is looking for assistance, particular for someone who can coordinate advertising. Contact Ella at plaintalkeditor@plainhelps.org.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 4, at 7:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

Note: Due to bad weather, this meeting was cancelled and the presentation will be rescheduled.

Minutes from 6 Sept 2007

PLAIN Monthly Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.

Attendees: Nicky Rosenbluth, President; Candy Howland, Vice President;; Mary Stuckey, Treasurer; Linda Orgain, Secretary ; Faye Ridling, Co-chair, Neighborhood Watch Committee; Greg Creech, Co-chair, Neighborhood Watch Committee; Anna Mae Creech, Pam Heiges, Ella Johannaber, Cre Secrist, Karen Styes, Penny White, Shon Workman, and Veronica Wright.

Review of August PLAIN Minutes – No official meeting was held in August.

Nicky – Today marks two years since Nicky became president, so she has completed her term. Since there are new activities being planned by many Pine Lake organizations, Nicky feels that PLAIN can now return to being principally a social organization.

Concert for New U.S. Department of Peace. A concert and activities in support of a new U.S. Department of Peace is being planned. The location is the Gazebo from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. This is part of a national effort to support a cabinet level position. There will be a September 15 concert at the lake – that will include musicians Melanie Hammet and Melinda Kingsley. The day will conclude with drumming and belly dancing. In addition, children will be able to draw a banner for the Department of Peace that will show their idea of peace. All these activities will be very family oriented. This will be advertised by a flyer that will be delivered to each resident’s home. In addition, an article about these activities will be posted to the Web site.

Action: Greg Creech will send a message to the PL Chief of Police to inform her about the location, purpose, size of the crowd. About 100 people are expected to attend.

Treasurer’s report. Mary Stuckey provided the report for July and August. There is $1,600 ready to be deposited. Today she deposited $796. Of this, $111 was for the playground fund. She provided a written treasury report.

Greg Creech – Stated that he has received $300.75 from the Memorial Day raffle, which was supposed to support the Pine Lake Environmental and Stewardship committee’s effort. The PLEAS Committee met and at his request, he asked that they allocate $500 for the playground committee. Mary will do that. The playground fund then will total $611.75. Currently, the Watershed fund has a little over $1,000.

PLAIN Talk Printing. Candy Howland reported that she had received an estimate from Mark Resources company of $185/month, for 4 pages, front and back, for a quantity of 450 copies. They can guarantee that price for 6 months. The group discussed the size of the publication, and the need to keep it to 8 pages. The last PLAIN Talk was 8 pages, but did not have a Meet Your Neighbor article. Cree S. feels PLAIN Talk needs to be 10 pages. Cree S. said that recently the cost had been 79 cents/copy. Nicky reported that Kinkos has been giving us a good price if we submit it online. Candy said that the current firm has been delivering it to us, ready to be delivered, and guaranteed to be delivered in time to distribute by the first of the month. Cree said that she supported whichever gave us the best price. Candy also mentioned that we need to put some copies in the box outside the Beach House.

Nicky – Stated that a lot of people are looking at the PLAIN Talk online. Casey is responsible for maintaining the Web site. PLAIN Talk can be accessed on the Web via www.plainhelps.org.

Playground Committee. This committee has a large membership and is working avidly. According to the current plan, everything in the new structure, which will replace the current play area by the Beach House, will be made from recyclables. The committee also wants the new structure to fit with the natural look of the PL community. There are three designs being considered. The playground is being designed to serve two to 11 year old children, although initially it was conceptualized to be designed for children aged birth to age 5. The majority of children in PL are between the ages of one and 12 years; however, the group will consider expanding the space to serve teenagers, if PL teens want to get together to prove suggestions into the design.

Nicky said that Hamburger Helper has a competition to support community projects. To do this, you need people to go to “My Hometown” on their Web site and can put in Pine Lake or playground. The more people who vote on the project or add comments to the project, the more likely the project is to get support. In the past, activities such as playgrounds have been sponsored. She asked for people to go in and support it.

There was discussion about the reason why the playground basketball hoops were taken down. The sense was that many complaints had been received by the town and police, because of the language being used by the teenagers who were using the court. It was also thought that nonresident teenagers were using the court and that they were keeping PL residents away from the playground. As a result, Phil Howland took it down at the request of the mayor. Questions were raised about why the PL police were unable to respond to bad behavior at the courts. Greg Creech says that police are stretched – we have lost one officer to the War in Iraq/Afganistan and another is about to be called up for service. Cree says the issue is what the PL police are willing to do. Nicky suggested that this is another issue where racial issues are involved and that it is a complicated issue; the PL police felt that enforcement is only applicable to a certain population. The police do feel that they are asked to deal with issues that involve racial lines, not curfew hours. She suggested that this issue be discussed at the Neighborhood Watch Committee.

Neighborhood Watch. Greg Creech stated that he wants to move the next Neighborhood Watch meeting to October 25, prior to Halloween activities. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Beach House. He said that the co-chairs meet with PL police chief Y’hudah Greene every month, and have a weekly conversation as well.

Nicky reinforced that PLAIN is primarily here to organize social community events. Other political or safety concerns should be taken to the Neighborhood Watch committee.

Nicky says that this past weekend some officers brought their families to attend the music performance at the lake.

Greg said that they will be planning a Police Appreciation Day. He also mentioned the need to strengthen and expand the role of the street captains. Chief Y’hudah Greene says that the best time for a police appreciation activity to be scheduled is on a court night when all of the officers are present.

Pancake Breakfasts. Penny White asked whether PLAIN would want to hold an extra pancake breakfast this month to benefit the Artists Market. The next Artists Market is scheduled for Sunday, September 16. Nicky said that none of the PLAIN members who are breakfast cooks are available that morning. Nicky says the Artists Market needs to be promoted more, and said that she will send out information if she receives notification. PLAIN would love to promote this. She asked what the process was for an artist to have a table.

International Dinner. The International Dinner (potluck) will be held on September 15, from 6-8 p.m. at the Beach House. Last year more than 100 people attended. Volunteers are needed to organize this event. Candy said that she will do signs. People are asked to bring tent cards with the name/description of the food. Veronica is responsible for the silent auction and lottery; this will provide funds for trees and shrubs. Currently they have commitments for approximately $600, including silent auction items and other items sold. She will have the items on display on tables in front of the Beach House during the dinner. Extra tables need to be requested from PL city administrator Phil Howland.

Halloween Party. The annual Halloween Party is scheduled for Saturday, October 27, at the Beach House. Nicky will write an article about this for the next PLAIN Talk. There usually is a spaghetti dinner, and fun and games for the kids. Volunteers are needed to help decorate. The decorations will be set up the night of the 26th or morning of the 27th. Pam Heiges said that she will take care of the dinner.

PLAIN Talk. Ella Johannaber says that she was sent an article about Rhonda Beard, a PL resident who recently died. Her family has started a non-profit that has gained media attention. We have received a request from them (from Albert Price) that PLAIN Talk publicize this nonprofit. The sense of the group was that we would like to honor this person, but need to confirm the information that was provided. It was suggested that an “In Memoriam” type article be developed.

Ella J. says that she always will acknowledge a submission to the newsletter, so if a person does not receive an acknowledgement, they should check with her.

Pam Heiges said there is a need to for more delivery people for the PLAIN Talk; a request for delivery people will be put in the next issue. She wants to give up being distribution coordinator at the end of the year. Cree S. says she will do assume this responsibility.

Greg C. said he is doing articles for the two meetings he is coordinating.


Yard of the Month– Greg Creech is responsible for the Yard of the Month program. For September, this is Athena Gemella’s house. Gardeners of Pine Lake chairman is Jeph Goldberg.

Pine Lake Welcome Kit – Ella J. requested a list of all of the Pine Lake clubs and organizations with their primary contacts. Greg will update this for the new PL Welcome Kit. The listings to be included are the clubs, organizations, city council members, etc.

He reported that the new Welcome Kit will be ready for January 2008. He also wants to include a calendar listing all of the 2008 committee meetings.

Greg asked for a request for this information to go out.

Pine Lake Monthly Breakfast – The PL breakfast is very important. Set up is at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning. Pam Heiges coordinates this and also does all the shopping.

Recruitment of New PLAIN President. Cree S. said that we need to put out another request for a president of PLAIN. Nicky says her work is stretching her, so she can no longer give PLAIN her full attention. She said that she will stay involved, but cannot be the president. The Bylaws of PLAIN will not allow a city council member or city official to be an officer of PLAIN. Greg recently ran for city council and won, unopposed. Because of this, he will be giving up the position of co-chair of Neighborhood Watch and PL Environmental and Stewardship Committee. Bitsy Pitts also ran for city council and won.

Mary S. says that she cannot take on the presidency of this organization but she can run the meeting next month if there is no one else to do that. She is not able to take on another major responsibility for about a year.

Greg C. defined the role/purpose of PLAIN – person who is president cannot take a public, political stand in any of our public meetings, because in a small community, it is difficult to separate this when a person is making a comment in a public meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 p.m.

Minutes from 3 Oct 2007

Plain Monthly Meeting
October 3, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by Mary Stuckey.

Attendees: Candy Howland, Vice President; Mary Stuckey, Treasurer; Linda Orgain, Secretary; Kathy deNobriega, Ella Johannaber, Veronica Wright.

The meeting was chaired by Mary because Nicky Rosenbluth, PLAIN President, could not be present.

Treasurer’s Report. Mary S. reported that she deposited $912 today for the tree and shrub fund. She reported on the balances. PLAIN now has $2025.45 in the bank.

Minutes were submitted and were accepted.

Old Business:

International Dinner. The dinner, which was held on September 15, was a great success. All of the food was eaten!

Halloween Party. Candy H. noted that she has information about the party and is looking for people who want to volunteer to assist. Party is on Saturday, October 27, from 4-6:30 p.m. About 50 children usually attend. Dinner will also be provided –
$5.00 for spaghetti and meatballs. They also will purchase some drinks (sodas and bottled water). Candy is looking for people to volunteer to bake cookies for the children to decorate. Annette usually makes the cookies. Ella and Veronica also said they will make some cookies (2 dozen each). Nicky and Mary will be responsible for purchasing the prizes. The budget for prizes will be $100-$150. People are also needed to coordinate the games. In addition, the Theatre Group will be provide a couple of ghost stories (for younger and older children – spookier).

Adult Halloween Party. Someone had suggested having an adult party to be held after the children’s party. However, PLAIN will not be responsible for this. Mary will ask Nicky who had suggested the party.

November: Caring and Sharing. PLAIN is asking for donations of canned goods and money to make gift baskets for needy families. Faye Ridling is responsible for this project. Ella will promote this effort with another article in the next PLAIN Talk.

PLAIN Talk. Faye Ridling will be the December “Meet Your Neighbor” profile.
October 3, 2007 – PLAIN Minutes – page 2

Christmas Activities.
1. Breakfast with Santa. The is scheduled for Saturday morning, December 1. However, we need to find a new Santa! Kathy will ask Matt C. We will need to have the Santa suit cleaned. Also, Matt will need to try on the suit to see whether it fits.
2. Lighting of the Lake and Cookie Exchange. The Lighting of the Lake holiday events will be held on Saturday, December 1 beginning at 5:30-6 p.m. Entertainment will begin at 6 p.m., and will include the Pine Lake chorus featuring Greg Creech, the Theatre Group, and Paul Jasionowski’s music students. The cookie exchange also will be that evening. People bring 3 dozen cookies, 1 dozen to share and 2 dozen to swap. We will need volunteers to help with bagging the cookies.

New Business:
Community Group Summits. Pine Lake City Council member Kathie deNobriga said that the City Council is proposing quarterly summit meetings with the various community groups in Pine Lake. They would like to have the leadership of the groups participate in the City Council session before the work session. The City Council meeting schedule will be provided in next PLAIN Talk. Meetings are at 6:30 p.m. at the Club House. The purpose of these meetings will be to discuss how to be more effective as a community. With the recent community growth, it seems that there are many pockets of activities, but each group may not know what the others are doing, or communication depends on one person. Thus, the goal of these meetings will be to increase communication and the ability for these community groups to engage in more efficient planning. The first opportunity for these meetings will be on Monday, November 12.

Next Town Hall Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 15.

PLAIN Talk. Ella J. said that there still was a need for someone to be responsible for the publication’s advertising. There is potential for this to be a money maker. Candy has been sharing these duties with Ella. The problem is that money for ads has not been collected for some time. MacKenzie Mansfield Pharmacy is paid through the end of the year, and Ella thinks the Kingfisher is paid up for 2007 as well. Ella said that she would take over the ads. There is a need for a journal ledger that tracks payments. Ella said she will get the ledger together; she will also contact the businesses that are currently advertising. Candy said that she will write an article for PLAIN Talk soliciting a volunteer to help with advertising. There is a general cost for ads, by size, plus an extra charge for setting up an ad (design). All payments for ads can be sent to the PLAIN post office box.

There was a comment that the article on Rhonda Beard in the October issue of Plain Talk was a good thing to do. Ms. Beard was a friend of Chief Y’hudah Greene. There is information in that article on a foundation in her name.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:39 pm.

Minutes from 7 Nov 2007

Plain Monthly Meeting
November 7, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Nicky Rosenbluth.

Attendees: Nicky Rosenbluth, President; Candy Howland, Vice President; Linda Orgain, Secretary; Greg Creech; Pam Heiges; Faye Ridling; Cre Sechrist; Elizabeth Shields; and Veronica Wright

Minutes were submitted and were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report. Nicky gave the report because Mary Stuckey was not present. She reported that PLAIN had purchased 7 home-delivered meals from Home Bistro for Ann McCallister. The cost of this was $90.69. These were purchased to support Ann, who is battling cancer. She also spent approximately $200 for the arts and crafts supplies, prizes, and treat bags for the Halloween Party, which was a big success. The October Treasury Report was provided; PLAIN now has $1669.32 in the bank.

Old Business:

Neighborhood Watch. Greg Creech reported on the PL Neighborhood Watch. He said that all of the PL police officers attended the Halloween meeting. The Neighborhood Watch Committee is looking at “traffic calmers,” which include signs and street markings. On Spruce Street, there is a need for a one-way sign and/or a “Do Not Enter” sign on the planter. Chief Y’hudah Greene is also looking at installing a red light camera at the intersection of Rockbridge Road and Spring Street. They are reviewing the Georgia Code on red light cameras. In her report, Chief Y’hudah Greene stated that this has been a calm time in Pine Lake. Currently, the PL police force is composed of all part-time officers.

Police Appreciation Luncheon. The annual Dekalb Police Appreciation Luncheon will be held on December 14 at the Georgia Perimeter College-Clarkston Campus. Officers are honored from Clarkston, Pine Lake, Stone Mountain, and Tucker. Nicky asked Greg Creech to find out whether any of our officers will attend this function.

Another formal police appreciation ceremony will be held on December 21. Greg and Faye Ridling said they will discuss this activity with Chief Y’hudah Greene. It was suggested that the Chief speak with the sponsor and tell them that PLAIN would like to do something for the PL officers and for the Ortega family in memory of slain Officer Ortega.

We have also been invited to assist with gift baskets for 6 local fire stations. We need donations and gift cards for this effort.

Holiday Caring and Sharing Baskets. Faye Ridling is chairing this effort. She reported that we have the name of one person and possibly another, but that we have not received any food contributions yet. She needs all food or cash/gift card contributions by November 15. She said that we could include soap products (depending on the people benefiting). She also would like to receive donations now for gifts for the PL police officers. Donations can be brought to her home at 635 Ivy Road.

December Events.
Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, December 1. Matt Wells has agreed to be Santa for the PLAIN holiday events. There was discussion about purchasing a new Santa costume, since the one we have is old and will be too small for Matt. Athena will be asked if she can make one. Candy will let Nicky know if this is possible by November 12. Otherwise, a costume will need to be purchased. PLAIN will pay for the material or costume. We need a new hat and beard as well. Karen Styes will take the photographs of the children with Santa. Greg Creech will play Christmas carols and holiday tunes. Linda will be responsible for collecting the breakfast payments at the door.

Lighting of the Lake, Saturday December 1, at 6 p.m. This is the night of the cookie exchange as well. Nicky will buy treats for the children. Paul Jasionowski will bring singers/musicians from Indian Creek School to perform. The PL Theatre Group will perform “The Night Before Christmas.” The Playground Fund-raising Committee will be taking orders for holiday baked goods to benefit the new playground.

Cre mentioned that the pancake breakfast with Santa had been advertised in the Tucker Times, along with the Artisan’s Market on that day. It was decided to purchase additional food supplies in order to be prepared should more people than usual come for the breakfast. It was agreed that any advertisements about PLAIN events must be approved by PLAIN. It was decided to make sure that this is discussed at the PL Organization Leadership Meeting on November 12. Elizabeth Shields explained that a PL Organization Leadership Meeting was being convened to better coordinate the many activities being sponsored by PL organizations. Candy will be the PLAIN delegate to this meeting.

Discussion next focused on how to honor the PLAIN breakfast crew, who have worked on this successful function for many years. The crew asked for two new electric griddles, which cost about $20 each. A motion was made to purchase two griddles and it was unanimously passed.

Nicky still recommended honoring the breakfast crew by taking them out for a meal. A date will be set for this.

Holiday Progressive Dinner and Tour of PL Homes. The Holiday Progressive Dinner will be held on Saturday, December 15, beginning at 5 p.m. There will also be caroling.

New Business:

2008 PLAIN Calendar of Events. It was decided to change the evening for the monthly PLAIN meeting to accommodate requests to move the meeting from Wednesday to Thursday evenings. Dates were set for the 2008 monthly meetings and PLAIN sponsored events as follows:
January – no meeting
Thursday, February 7 – meeting
Thursday, March 6 – meeting
Saturday, March 22 – Easter Egg Hunt with continental breakfast
Saturday, February 23 – Chile Cook-Off
Thursday, April 3 – meeting
Thursday, May 8 – meeting
Saturday, May 24 – Ice Cream Social
Thursday, June 5 – meeting
Thursday, July 10 – meeting
Thursday, August 7 – meeting
Thursday, September 4 – meeting
Saturday, September 20 – International Dinner
Thursday, October 2 – meeting
Saturday, October 25 – Halloween Party
Saturday, November 1 – Caring and Sharing Breakfast
Thursday, November 6 – meeting

In discussing next year’s calendar, it was noted that most PLAIN events are geared toward families and children. PLAIN is interested in hosting some adult events. Ideas and volunteers are welcome.

City-Wide Yard Sale. There was some discussion about the city-wide yard sale, which is held in April. This is tied in with the Mayor’s Amnesty Day for collection of additional refuse. Last year, there were balloons at each participating home and maps available. However, many people coming into the city expressed that they would have preferred to come to one location. However, discussants did not think this would be feasible in PL. It was suggested that there could be a few areas that combine household yard sales. The most commonly sought items were children’s items and tools.

PRISM. This group – “Pride Rings in Stone Mountain, Inc.” – is hosting a Community Forum on Thursday, November 8 at 7 p.m. and has extended an invitation to PL families to attend and share ideas. The forum will be held at St. Timothy United Methodist Church, 5365 Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain. State Rep Michele Hansen will host this forum. This group’s mission is to revitalize the neighborhoods in this area, focusing on parks, violence, and to get more businesses to locate to the Memorial Drive corridor from Rockbridge to Stone Mountain. Nicky noted that the issue of the quality of the neighborhood schools also is important, because the growth in PL has been in families, many with young children live in PL. She emphasized the importance of improving the local schools.

PLAIN President. Nicky said that Gwyneth Butera was interested in the PLAIN presidency. She thought it might be possible for her (Nicky) to share the position.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 pm.

Minutes from 5 Dec 2007

Plain Monthly Meeting
December 5, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Nicky Rosenbluth.

Attendees: Nicky Rosenbluth, President; Linda Orgain, Secretary; Gwyneth Butera, Greg Creech, Sharon Day, Pam Heiges, and Fay Ridling.

Minutes were submitted, reviewed, corrections made, and were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Nicky gave the report because Mary Stuckey was not present. She reported that PLAIN had purchased 7 home-delivered meals from Home Bistro for Ann McCallister. The cost of this was $90.69. These were purchased to support Ann, who is battling cancer. She also spent approximately $200 for the arts and crafts supplies, prizes, and treat bags for the Halloween Party, which was a big success. The October Treasury Report was provided; PLAIN now has $1669.32 in the bank.

New Business:

Municipaloosa. Sharon Day told the group that she, Kath deNobriega, and Melanie Hammett, are planning a Fall event. This event, tentatively called “Municipaloosa,” will be a 3-day gathering focusing on how to combine civic engagement and the arts in small cities/towns. They are hoping to attract teams of people from 20 small cities across the country with a balance of rural and metropolitan areas. The meeting will engage these peers in sharing skills and resources, collaborative problem solving, etc. Planning for the event will involve gathering sponsorships and seeking grant monies. However, they do not have a place to hold these contributions because they are not an official organization. Therefore, they are asking PLAIN to hold the funds in a special account designated for this purpose. Although they do not have a specific date for this event, they are tentatively planning to hold it in October 2008.

Linda Orgain made a motion that PLAIN bank account house the Municipaloosa fund. Greg Creech seconded the motion, and it passed.

Local Revitalization Efforts. Nicky said that would like to see PLAIN get more involved in the neighborhood revitalization activities in the Stone Mountain area. She noted the recent activities of PRISM (Pride Rings in Stone Mountain). This group looks to us as an effective organization with the capacity to make things happen. Their neighborhood association fees are about $200. She noted that it is interesting to hear what they are doing to combat crime, such as cleaning up Oak Park. Nicky feels that we should be more engaged with them. They have invited us to several events. She said that in 2008, we should extend an invitation to them to attend an event in Pine Lake.

Watershed-Lake Fund. Tommy Conlon [note- check spelling] has sent some money to PLAIN for the Watershed/Save the Lake Fund. This money has been sitting in the account for a long period of time, and we now have received more money. Nicky said that we need to clarify how PLAIN is supposed to use this money.

Old Business:

Neighborhood Watch. Greg Creech noted that he had received an e-mail today from Police Chief Y’hudah Greene that RCB Motors on Rockbridge had a car stolen.

Pine Lake Calendar of Events for 2008. Greg brought a sample of one as an Outlook file. He will try to make a version that can be shared with the PLAIN officers. Some dates are still in the process of being finalized.

PLAIN-Sponsored Events. It was noted that the most recent PLAIN events held for the beginning of the Christmas season had been very successful. It was decided that it was easier to schedule both the Christmas Breakfast with Santa and the annual Lighting of the Lake on the same day, even though it was a long day for our PLAIN volunteers. There was a great turnout for both of these events, which were held on Saturday, December 1. We are also receiving more hits on our PLAIN Web site. There was a brief discussion about how there now are many groups in Pine Lake, and that it would be good if representatives of some of these other groups could attend PLAIN meetings so there could be some additional coordination of community activities. She suggested that at least once a quarter the PLAIN meeting include a social event, such as pizza night. She said that PLAIN meetings could serve as a forum for bringing people from these different committees together. Sharon Day said that this social event could be held in conjunction with Pine Lake’s quarterly leadership meeting.

Santa Suit. Mary S. said that the city will pay $70 for the new Santa suit and PLAIN will pay the rest. The new suit cost a little less than $200.

Budget. Nicky stated that PLAIN is now fiscally sound. In addition, our volunteers know what they are supposed to do.

PLAIN 2008 Calendar. Nicky said that has not yet presented the calendar of 2008 PLAIN events to the city. She said that we should include it in the next PLAIN Talk.

PLAIN President Nomination. Nicky introduced Gwyneth Butera, who has been nominated for PLAIN president. She said that Gwyneth has jumped into PLAIN, serving as a volunteer at every event. Gwyneth said that her family had moved to Pine Lake because of our high level of community involvement. She has been tracking every month’s activities and taking photographs. She complimented Gwyneth as having a fresh mind and fresh perspective. Nicky said that she is willing to help Gwyneth in her transition as the new president.

Gwyneth then introduced herself. She said that she moved to Pine Lake in June, and since that time has made a point to walking around every day to get to know people. She works from home and her two daughters are home schooled. She said that, should she be voted president, she would like to see more of a support system for parents and other people in Pine Lake. For instance, she would like to make sure that if someone is home with sick children and needs someone to pick up something from the store, this should not be a challenge in this community. However, at this point, she does not know the history of projects in this community. She said that she does not view herself as wanting to take over PLAIN leadership, but as someone who wants to help.

Mary Stuckey says that she has lived in Pine Lake since 1985. Faye Ridling said that she has been a resident since 1978 and knows what PLAIN has done in the past, e.g., who has worked on what. She said that she can provide that history for Gwyneth.

Nicky noted that PLAIN has helped a lot of people, but that we do not usually publicize this part of the organization’s work.

Mary made a motion that we elect Gwyneth Butera as the PLAIN president. Faye seconded the motion. Gwyneth was elected unanimously.

Non-Profit Status. Nicky said that PLAIN’s 501c3 status is in jeopardy at the moment. The IRS has been mailing official business to the Clubhouse, even though they have a PO box address. Cre picked up the mail, and we now are working to provide them with the documentation and get this settled by the end of the year. Nicky had been consistently in touch with them and completing the required paperwork.

Annual Activity to Honor PLAIN Volunteers. Last year, we presented regular volunteers with t-shirts. This year, Nicky suggested that we take the breakfast crew out —perhaps for dinner to Sangrias (Mexican food). She said the invitation would go to the PLAIN board members, breakfast cooks, and consistent volunteers. A date has not yet been determined. [NICKY — Can’t remember what you meant here — $$ will split with PLAIN and the Rosenbluth.] She said that it was important to show our appreciation to people who consistently give their time to make PLAIN events a success.

ARB Meeting. Sharon Day, who chairs the Pine Lake Architectural Review Board, invited PLAIN members to a meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 11, from 7-9 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to rewrite the city’s comprehensive land use plan and create some new codes. Refreshments will be provided. She noted that it is important that everyone has a chance to attend and provide opinion on the shape of the city. This will inform a long-term plan comprehensive land use plan.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.