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Potluck breakfast/brunch on Saturday, July 5th from 9am- 11am at Clubhouse

Because it is a holiday weekend and many are out of town,instead of our usual Pancake breakfast this July 5th, we will have a “Pot-luck” breakfast/brunch at the Clubhouse from 9AM-11AM.  We will provide juice, tea and coffee. Please bring a dish to share, along with your plates, cups and utensils. You can also renew your membership or join PLAIN at this event. Come enjoy the company of your neighbors at the clubhouse from 9am-11am.

Caring and Sharing 2011

Pine Lake’s Thanksgiving Caring and Sharing

Greg Creech, Tricia Lease, and Paul Majewski will assist Faye in the Thanksgiving Caring and Sharing program this year. For many years Pine Lake neighbors have been donating food, gift cards and money to help our neighbors who are having a hard time making ends meet, because of unemployment, illness or other unavoidable circumstances during the holidays. Donations are due before November 20, Sunday and baskets delivered on November 20. Your donations are used to purchase food and household items. Each basket contains enough food the family’s needs for a couple of weeks. If you would like to help a neighbor in need, please contact Greg
Creech. You can drop off money, gift cards, or food/household donations at Greg’s house or one of us will come to your home a pick up your donation. We will have donation boxes at City Hall as well.

Thanks for Caring and Sharing with your Pine Lake Neighbors and making the holidays better.

PLAIN News for August

It’s back to school for 3 out of 4 board members, so no PLAIN meeting was scheduled for this month.

We have plenty to work on this month: We are expecting a cost estimate on the Bulletin Board upgrades any second now.

We need a small group to repair the planter boxes in front of the beach house. If you are interested in this project, contact Talani and we’ll get you the support you need to make it happen.

Pancake breakfast is back for September 3rd (8:30-11). I think the regular crew is back in town but we can always find something for you to do. Let Talani know if this is something you’d like to be a part of.

See you around!

PLAIN Events coordinators wanted

Here is a list of the events and services that PLAIN has traditionally sponsered. The money for these events comes primarily from your membership dues (look at all we get for $25 a family!). The Board moved away from the operations side of events this past year. We mostly tried to facilitate the
Event Coordinators that were hosting the event and pitch in when possible. The Event Coordinator was pretty much on their own as far as rustling up helpers to set up, host and break down. The coordinator was also responsible for advertising the event. If you see your name below, will you let me know whether you plan to host the same event next year (July 2011-June 2012)?

There are several areas where we need new coordinators and these people listed below are going to need helpers, so don’t be shy about pitching in even if you cannot host an event.

Pancake Breakfast has been a month to month endeavor. The immediate need is a coordinator for Saturday June 4th. The next breakfast is supposed to be on July 2nd, a holiday weekend. Ideally, there would be at least one person who took primary responsibility for this event. The makings of a new breakfast crew has been put together over the last year already, so you wont be starting from scratch.

Pancake Breakfast-NEEDED.
International Dinner-Marie Andrade
Halloween Party-Annette Cotter, Marie Andrade
Caring and Sharing-Faye Ridling
Breakfast with Santa-Nicky Rosenbluth & Stuckey’s
Cookie Exchange, but not the lighting of the lake hooplah-Lalah Manly
Chili Cookoff-NEEDED
Easter Egg Hunt-Judy and Kini
Yard Sale-Jean
Ice Cream Social-Nicky Rosenbluth
Elections-President (Talani)
Membership Drive Breakfast-Vice President (Rene)

Please let us know if any of these events interests you. The current PLAIN leadership will be having a steering committe meeting next week to discuss the viability of continueing these events. If you see your name up there and have no intention of doing it again next year (July 2011-June 2012) please let me know ASAP so we can line up a replacement.

pancake breakfast – Sat 6/4 at 8:30am

Mark your calendars! June 4th is the next scheduled community breakfast. It is Pine Lake Association of Involved Neighbors renewal time too so we expect a big turn out.

Breakfast is free for the families renewing their membership!

Our search for a regular crew continues. We are short 1-2 people right now. If you’d like to try your hand at hash browns for 50 give me a call. We are open to trying different things to serve… So call with your ideas too:)

PLAIN Board Members Needed for 2011-2012

Hello neighbors. It is that time of year! The Pine Lake Association of Involved Neighbors (PLAIN) board consists of four members plus the immediate past president. Our leadership, and membership for that matter, rolls over in June.

Are you willing to consider running for the board of directors ? If so, please contact me. We are planning a steering committee meeting next week to work on the transition.

Here is a link to the PLAIN Bylaws. You can also navigate to other information about the organization from this link:

Here are the officer responsibilities:

President items:
Get set of club house/beach house keys from Valerie.
Email announce list about upcoming breakfasts and plain meetings
Make sure there is a breakfast crew and they know what else is happening community related that day (ie breakfast with Santa)!
Take care of info@plainhelps.org emails.

VP items:
Get membership forms from Treasurer and update membership spreadsheet (new sheet each year)
These updates need to be made in a very timely manner.
Remind volunteers of their commitments.
Send out a call for volunteers & officers in Apr/May/June.

Secretary items:
If possible, send a recap of meeting to plaintalk editor.
Bring previous month’s minutes to meeting for approval.
Send approved minutes to Gwyneth for posting on website.
Update brochure when necessary – Linda has the latest copy.

Treasurer items:
Get keys to mailbox 44 – Talani has them right now
Get all records – Talani and Lois are holding them now.
Keep a simple set of spreadsheets sufficient for our needs and reduce the “handover” difficulties.

Thank you for your consideration.

Citywide Yard Sale – 5/7

Once again, PLAIN (Pine Lake Association of Involved Neighbors) will be sponsoring the annual


This year’s sale date is a little later than usual – Saturday, May 7th from 8:30 – 4:00 PM – so you have plenty of time to go through your belongings, clear out that clutter and make a few bucks in the process.

The cost to participate is $5 per household. This helps pay for the common advertising and balloons. Any money left over helps to support PLAIN. Participant Form Envelopes will be available at City Hall or in an information box placed under the event sign in front of the clubhouse. This year we will have a map of Pine Lake with each participating household shown, so it is important to turn in your forms by April 30th.

Please put your $5 cash or check made out to PLAIN into the Participant Form Envelope and drop it off at City Hall Administrative Building. If you want to drop off outside of business hours you can use the mail slot in the door. Valarie has kindly agreed to collect them for us.

This year we will be able to use the Clubhouse parking lot, so if you have only a small number of items you might consider setting up a table there. It would also be a great opportunity for fundraising (for animal control equipment?) or for kids’ lemonade stands as well as a chance to get together and have fun – which always seems to be popular in PL.

Since there will not be a mayor’s trash amnesty day this year, we have arranged to have the a Kidney Fund Truck come on the Monday following the Yard Sale to pick up leftover items that you wish to donate – just indicate on the participant form that you want a pickup and I will include your address on the pickup route.

Remember, Participant Form Envelopes will be available at City Hall or in the information box under the event sign in front of the Clubhouse. Complete and return the envelope to City Hall by April, 30th. Also remember to tell all your friends to come to the sale.